Marvel Legends Misty Knight figure review Build-A-Figure Rhino wave

For everyone that didn’t know, Netflix’s Luge Cage proved Misty Knight is the real deal. Simone Missick’s portrayal was excellent. I’m already looking forward to seeing how intricately involved she’ll be in the larger Netflix.

Hasbro released a Marvel Legends Misty figure last year right around the time I started getting into doing figure reviews. Along with the rest of the Build-A-Figure Rhino wave, she’s been gathering dust and other more recent figures cut the line. But with the spotlight from Luke Cage, I figured now was a great time to finally check her out.

Packaging: This wave was odd as Hasbro started going away from the generic main character portrait on the side. Some figures in the wave just got a basic Spider-Man drawing while others got the appropriate character. Fortunately Misty was one of the special ones.

She shares a package with Ghost Rider so she only gets the portrait on one side. That means the bio is essentially worthless since it doesn’t explain who she is at all. At least Ghost Rider is a flaming skull dude in leather. A far easier sell for kids and parents.


Likeness: Misty doesn’t have a set costume per se so there’s not a definitive look for her, but there’s some elements that are common in most of her outfits. To Hasbro’s credit, most of those elements are included on the figure.

Misty’s Afro is really well done. There’s some good texturing there and it’s not toned down one bit. The earrings and headband are nicely detailed as well. And I appreciate that the sculptors were able to convey that Misty is a black woman.


Misty tends to be somewhat risqué with her outfits. This costume is slightly more reserved.  To convey some of Misty’s sex-appeal, her jumpsuit’s zipper is fairly low.

Misty doesn’t always show off the bionic arm, but I would have liked if Hasbro made it more prominent on the figure. That might have played a part in her being such a fixture on pegs. While not entirely comic book accurate since she doesn’t always like to draw attention to it, I wish Hasbro would have emphasized the right bionic arm.


Scale: I’ve always considered Misty fairly tall. She’s not petite and dainty. I figure she’d have more of a Serena Williams build with similar 5’9” height. Not an Amazon, but definitely not tiny either. Hasbro gave her the same female sculpt we’ve seen on Wasp, Warbird and Captain Marvel. The Afro helps give Misty some extra height, but not as much as I’d like.

Paint: Misty is in a red jumpsuit, which limits most of the potential for paint issues. It wouldn’t necessarily need any shading or washes to look correct. It’s a little boring in that regard, but not an issue with the paint.

So it’s a little disappointing that Misty’s biggest issue is paint related. Her eyes are painted too far apart. Straight on it gives Misty a goldfish like appearance. Eye paint is probably where I’m the least forgiving for companies as that can ruin the entire look of the figure.


Articulation: Even with a few less articulation points than some of her male counterpart, Misty sports pretty decent articulation. The big problem with Misty though is no one considered the possibility of weak plastic and a solid hair sculpt would make standing tricky.


I spent half the time while setting this photo shoot up trying to get the figure in a stable stance where she wouldn’t topple over at the slightest trace of movement. Frustrating is an understatement. Best to find a mini-stand or prepare for Misty to be the bowling ball to your display.

marvel-legends-misty-knight-figure-review-vs-clownsI’d love to see the female figures get the shoulder bicep area. I remain surprised that articulation point continues to be ignored with the female Marvel Legends. The holster doesn’t restrict the left leg articulation as it rides up as needed. I’m not sure if Hasbro can engineer a better feminine hip/thigh setup so the females can kick from the side.


Misty has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle


Accessories: Besides a bionic arm, Misty is a regular human and needs a little help when going into battle and comes with a pistol. The pistol is cast in a mustard/gold plastic and looks like a toy gun.

The figures have dramatically improved under Hasbro’s watch, but now I’m hoping they can spend more time on accessory paint applications. A little wash would go a long way to making it look grittier and less like a toy gun.


The pistol fit very well  into the side holster. The holster seems slightly oversized for the scale, but it’s hardly a big deal since it’s so easy to maneuver around.

Additionally, Misty comes with the torso for the BAF Rhino figure.


Worth it? That $20 price range always seems a bit high when a figure just comes with a minor accessory and the BAF piece. Some characters get a very generous allotment of extras. Misty is probably one collectors should be happy just to get — although an alternate right arm showing the bionics would have greatly enhanced her value.

Misty was such an out of left field choice I couldn’t help but love the figure even if it had a slew of issues. Fortunately that’s not the case here.

Rating: 7 out of 10


Where to get it? Two weeks ago, I’d be willing to bet you could find a Misty Knight figure at any Target in your area. With Luke Cage’s popularity, hopefully some of those peg-warming Misty figures are finally starting to get cleared away. Even on, Misty is suddenly fetching a higher price.

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