Luke Cage: Soliloquy of Chaos review Season 1, Ep. 12

Soliloquy of Chaos was a fitting title for the penultimate chapter of Luke Cage’s first season.

Chess has been an underlined theme this season. Controlling the pawns on the board is essential to winning. All the players have been figuring out the best way to put their adversaries in check.

For Diamondback, it didn’t matter if it was Zip, Shades, Mariah or Cottonmouth following his orders. They were all easily replaceable pawns. He had the ace to put everyone in his sleeve with his power suit. Domingo learned that the hard way as his ill-advised plan to take out Diamondback led to him and his men getting killed.

To some extent it explains Diamondback sending the moderately competent Zip to kill Shades. There was talk throughout the episode of a Romeo and his ties to Zip. With Zip dead that might not ever be revealed, but it was interesting to mention a seemingly significant dead character this late in the season.


Mariah was now fully ready to embrace her destiny. Mama Mabel wasn’t a hardcore killer. She was crueler and had lackeys for those kind of situations. Her aide, Alex (John Clarence Stewart), was tying up loose ends and Shades had the evidence that would clear Cage’s name. I kinda wondered why Diamondback would bother keeping this information lying around as it could only help Cage at this point.

I’m glad Misty didn’t let this proposed alliance go beyond the discussion phase since she knows Mariah’s dirty secret. Though it seems more likely that Mariah is going to emerge unscathed.


In an season full of great moments, Method Man’s freestyle dedication to Cage was a standout. This scene straddled the unique space of superhero fantasy and real world in the way only Luke Cage can accomplish.

There hasn’t been a Marvel movie or series as timely and socially relevant as Luke Cage. It’s been obvious from the first episode. When the show was being put together, the writers had no idea that symbols supporting those who speak out against police brutality like Colin Kaepernick was going to be so topical. That scene with people buying Cage-homage hole-y hoodies felt so appropriate for the time where people are buying Kapernick jerseys to back his stance.

luke-cage-soliloquy-of-chaos-review-cage-at-holdupThe Netflix shows have been decidedly low-key in terms of providing blockbuster sized battles. With Diamondback evening the odds, we could actually be in store for a true super powered fight.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix