Supergirl: The Adventures of Supergirl review S2, Ep. 1

On the heels of a much-hyped network switch, Supergirl’s CW premiere had some great moments and a few that could prove problematic as the season unfolds.The Adventures of Supergirl made some pretty jarring changes to the status quo that largely worked last season. In a lot of ways this episode seemed to steer Supergirl closer to being a Superman show featuring Supergirl.

With the arrival of Superman, there’s already been plenty of discussion that Supergirl is going to be upstaged on her own show. Tyler Hoechlin nailed the finer aspects of a Christopher Reeve homage Clark Kent. While Hoechlin doesn’t look particular super in his Superman outfit — it was weird seeing Superman having to look up at James Olsen — he carries himself in a manner befitting the classic take on The Man of Steel. No brooding here. This Superman is all smiles and aww shucks.

But having Superman on the show further spotlighted some of the problems with the show. Supergirl will be a better series once it stops casually pilfering through all things Superman for supporting characters, villains and even professions.


It was kinda weird that Kara decided of all the things she could be, being unemployed was the best option. Oh sorry, I misheard. Kara said she wanted to be a reporter. I know asking for realism in a show about aliens flying around is a bit much, but how many millennials view reporting as a viable profession? This seemed more like a clumsy way to make Kara more like Superman instead of finding her own path. If nothing else, start her off as a blogger. 

After so many episodes devoted to their mutual infatuation, Kara decided it was best for her and James to be friends. Too bad she didn’t reach that conclusion when James was trying to work things out with Lucy. #SupergirlIsAHomewrecker. This clearly seems like a move to open Kara up for a multitude of suitors this season. Maybe even the comatose man in the red suit from the Kryptonian spaceship.


Beyond doing her weekly duty as serving as Supergirl’s Millennial Motivator, Cat broke in her new assistant, Miss Teschmacher (Andrea Brooks). These nods to the old Superman movies and series and cute, but again, it’d be nice for the showrunners to have more confidence in building Supergirl’s world instead of borrowing from Superman’s universe. Superman also having blue heat vision was weird though.

It was nice seeing Cat actually flustered for a change at the sight of Clark. Cat is always so annoyingly over the top with her indifference for people that this was a fun switch.

The new status quo thankfully does not seem to include Maxwell Lord. This season’s understood billionaire is Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), who I’m rooting actually is as well-meaning as she proclaimed. A friendly dynamic between a Luthor and Supergirl would be a smart deviation from the norm.

Introducing the criminal soon to be Metallo, John Corben (Frederick Schmidt), was a good use of that character even if it’s just another Superman villain retread. Supergirl has enough power and allies with Superman and Martian Manhunter that the writers could introduce Superwoman to set up an invasion by the Crime Syndicate of America. That’d be another fun use of the four show crossover format.

supergirl-the adventures of supergirl review-kara-lena-luthor-and-clark-kent

I liked that Superman and Martian Manhunter have a tense relationship over the DEO’s keeping Kryptonite on hand. It sure seems like they should have been using it all of last season when battling villains from Krypton …

Like The Flash and Arrow season premieres last week, The Adventures of Supergirl set up a solid foundation in place to help Supergirl avoid a sophomore slump. Superman already proves a welcome addition to the cast and Melissa Benoist continues to be one of the brightest, most enjoyable performers on TV.

Rating: 8 out of 10