Supergirl: The Last Children of Krypton review S2, Ep. 2

The Last Children of Krypton had some issues, but what worked this episode were more than enough to make this one of the series’ best. Who cares about minor gripes when Superman and Martian Manhunter are bringing the pain to Metallo? We’ll discuss Alex’s GI Joe Rise of Cobra outfit later.

Superman is so much fun here. Questioning the crook about trying to punch him after the bullets bounced off was great. There’s already been talk about a Superman spin-off.

Even with four shows and Smallville’s 10 year run, the prospect of this classic take on Superman in his own show is perhaps the most exciting development of the CW shows. For now, I’ll settle on Tyler Hoechlin being a CW DC Universe regular across each of the four shows.


Metallo provided Supergirl with a formidable threat and someone that can go toe to toe with Supergirl and Superman. The cyborg effects were pretty good and the action delivered huge on the super-powered battles.

I loved that quick Crisis homage. Again, the CW DC Universe has enough characters now that’s something that could be feasible now. We’re likely going to pay for this later on this season with some slow episodes, but it was so worth it tonight.

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Even without powers, Alex’s warehouse battle was very well staged. I appreciated she didn’t really need Supergirl’s help to escape from Cadmus’ clutches. I’m not totally sold on Cadmus being Supergirl’s version of The Watch Dogs though.

In DC, the ‘alien menace’ are largely the ones saving the planet and feels even more forced here than it does on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. For a shady, sinister agency with a decent budget, they really need to improve their laboratory lighting.

supergirl the last children of krypton alex-supergirl-and-winn

Cat feenin for Clark is funny. Making Snapper Carr the head of Catco’s newspaper wing was interesting. Like Maxwell Lord, the show is just using a familiar DC name with none of the traits of the comic character. Snapper did earn a ton of points from me for chewing Kara out for expecting to just waltz in and magically become a reporter. He’s supposed to be a jerk, but he’s right.

What kind of reporter can’t find out her boss is leaving? Maybe super-reporting is a trait that runs in the family.

I’ve never been a big fan of Cat. The writers constantly set her up as the character to give Kara a kick in the pants to become a better hero that served to get Cat over more than Supergirl.

Supergirl will become great when it stops laying on the morals so thick. At times these come at the expense of making Kara act like a child frequently needing guidance from her surrogate mother and father figures. For all the talk of Supergirl being this proud feminist movement forward show, too often Kara never gets the opportunity to be truly empowered.


Cat’s temporary departure from the show was handled about as gracefully as James and Kara’s break up. It seems like the show would have been better off with a quick time jump and explain away lingering plot threads like Cat’s absence and why James and Kara are better off as friends. James now gets a promotion, which gives him something to do, but I’d be fine seeing far less of the wacky faces at Catco this season.

Last Children of Krypton marked a terrific send off to Superman with outstanding action and solid character moments. The newly awakened Mon-El will ensure the show doesn’t lack for super powered brunettes. Hopefully he’ll be even a fraction as enjoyable as Superman has been this season.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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