The Flash: Magenta review Season 3, Ep. 3

There was something about Magenta that never fully clicked tonight. In a lot of ways it played out like a standard Flash episode, but it was missing something even with the return of Wells and debut of Jesse Quick.

Barry and Iris finally went out on a date, but it quickly started veering into Kara/James territory before Cisco called them. I suppose Barry and Iris couldn’t immediately get dating down properly. For CW shows, the slow journey to the relationship is always the priority. Still, it was more than a little annoying that with no obstacles in place, Barry and Iris still find a way not to get their relationship on the right track.


Even more aggravating is how willing Barry is to ditch Iris at the merest clue of danger. And did Barry really strand Iris who knows where just because Joe texted? Barry and Iris need to set up some serious boundaries for the rest of Team Flash.

Maybe Barry will catch a break with the arrival of Jesse and Harry from Earth-2. Harry hoped to get Team Flash to help convince Jesse not to try and be a superhero, but he definitely went to the wrong group for support. Eventually, Harry gets it and encourages Jesse to run and even has Cisco whip up a Kingdom Come inspired costume for her.

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Clearly, Wally’s hiding that he’s been having nightmares of Dr. Alchemy, which is fostering his desire to become a speedster. I’m intrigued by this as it sets up the potential for Wally to actually be opposed to his family in the future.

As much as I love Team Flash, having eight people at STAR Labs is too much. Joe, Wally and Iris probably don’t need to be there as much since they offer little but moral support at Flash HQ. This episode felt like a chore to get everyone some dialogue. I’m not sure what inspired the writers to try and make ‘Not!’ Wells’ new catchphrase. Not even Tom Cavanagh could pull that off.


This week’s villain was Magenta, an old flame of Wally West in the comics turned metal controlling psychopath. One significant weakness of the show is it’s lackluster costume design for Flash’s opponents. Reverse Flash was solid while Captain Cold and Heat Wave were passable, but the rest of the Rogues have been disappointing. Magenta has an unique costume that could have been and further distinguish her split personality.

Magneta never really felt like an actual threat. She came off more like a nuisance for Flash than anything else. It didn’t make a lot of sense for her to take a boat at the hospital her abusive father was being treated as opposed to just destroying it from the inside out.

I’d gotten spoiled by the quality of The Flash so Magneta was somewhat of a letdown. There was nothing wrong with it necessarily, but this was one that lacked the certain oomph that’s made the show so enjoyable. Next week should regain some steam with the introduction of The Mirror Master. Hopefully he can find a tailor to craft him an outfit.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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