Marvel Legends Eel figure review – Build-A-Figure Abomination wave

Beyond A-listers like Dr. Doom, Loki and Thanos, it’s important to get punching bags to the (superhero) stars characters like Eel. The other big lighting tossing villain wasn’t one of those guys who seemed an obvious choice for a Marvel Legends figure.

It’s odd we have him yet can’t get a First Appearance Storm after years of griping. But that’s not Eel’s fault. Eel is part of the Captain America Build-A-Figure Abomination wave.

Packaging: This is for the most part, the same packaging we’ve gotten for the last few years from Hasbro. Black with character umbrella specific accent color. Captain America gets a bold blue.

There’s a tweak to the package’s side drawing with this wave. Previously, it was more of a portrait and now it’s nearly a full body shot. I prefer the close up drawing in terms of ease in shelf viewing.


I’d like a more substantial update to the packaging though especially to the bio. That would be helpful as Hasbro dips deeper into the Marvel Universe roster.


Likeness: Eel is just a masked guy in a spandex outfit. Nothing terribly complex here. He comes with lightning effect hands with translucent fingertips to showcase his powers in action.

marvel-legends-eel-figure-review-scale-with-cottonmouth-captain-america-and-daredevilScale: Eel sticks to the heavily-utilized, but still ideal regular guy Bucky mold. Eel shouldn’t be towering over Captain America or Luke Cage and this body was the right choice.

Paint: I’m really loving how often Hasbro is using the pearlescent paints for figures. I’m not sure if it’s comic book accurate, but it helps make the purple and light blue pop.

The costume design isn’t too complex and the paint job was fine. I do wish Hasbro could figure out a way to not have the elbow pins be a different color than the arms or legs.


Articulation: The Bucky body is so consistently used because it features outstanding range of motion and smooth articulation. While you just need Eel to hit a unleashing lightning pose, pretty much every other conceivable position is possible.


Eel has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel-legends-eel-figure-review-hanging-with-cottonmouthAccessories:  I’m glad Eel has alternate non-powered fists. For display and posing purposes, it wouldn’t work to always have Eel sparking up. This is part of Hasbro’s appreciated effort to tack on more accessories to get a better value for the $20 price tag.

Additionally, Eel comes with the Abomination torso. The torso is always the piece that makes me feel most obligated to continue building since it’s the base for all the other pieces.

Worth it?  Nothing wrong with getting a roster filler and universe builder for under $20. Eel is currently $18.94. I bet he will be one of those fluctuating figures you could eventually see for $11. I was able to nab him for $15, which is a terrific price for a villain that tangles with all the A-List heroes.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

marvel-legends-eel-figure-review-wide-main-picWhere to get it? You can grab Eel from Target or Toys R Us. You can find him without the hassle at or just grab a case of the wave from Entertainment

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