Marvel Legends Juggernaut figure review Build-A-Figure

When Hasbro revealed the Build-A-Figure for the X-Men wave was Juggernaut, I was somewhat underwhelmed. There seemed to be more necessary choices especially for X-villains that hadn’t gotten a figure yet.

But once I started building the figure, I’m glad Hasbro decided to give Juggernaut an upgrade. Hasbro is largely competing with itself for the year’s best BAF front, but this looks like it could be the top dog in the end.  

Packaging: While it’d be pretty cool to have some drawing or bio for the BAF, they’re a pack-in not the focus.


Likeness: I’m not the biggest fan of the textured helmet. From my memory, that’s always been smooth. I love the expression though. Juggernaut is one of the biggest bully villains in all of Marvel and the head sculpt really conveys his overconfident assurance that no puny hero is going to take him down.


From certain angles, you can see the gap in the helmet’s back end, which gives a weird appearance of it floating on his head. I’m sure that’s a compromise to enable full head articulation so it was probably unavoidable.


Scale: Juggernaut started off as being slightly taller than the original X-Men. Now he’s the size of a small house. Since Hasbro has slightly scaled up the line I’m fine with Juggernaut’s height. More importantly, Juggernaut is wider and thicker than the Toy Biz version.


Paint: There’s not a ton of paint on the figure. There’s no washes or anything to help bring out the muscles on the clothing or extreme painted veins like the Toy Biz version.


Hasbro did add some washes to the textured helmet and arm, belt, wrist and knuckles bands. I’d probably like this effect more if the colors matched up better with the outfit. I’m sure that’s to help make them stand out so it’s a matter of your preference.


The highlight with the paintwork is the face. Juggernaut’s banged up teeth look great and the gum line doesn’t bleed into the teeth. The eye work is sharp as well.


Articulation: For a walking tank, Juggernaut has a generous amount of articulation. He’s not doing back flips or side kicks, he just needs to be steady and unmovable — in a good way.


The range of the elbow is a little restricted so he won’t be able to deliver the best uppercut punch, but it gives all the range I needed. Hasbro’s engineering on Juggernaut is very impressive. Despite his girth and overall heft, I was able to pose him in a charge stance on one foot. For a company that struggles with some of the female figures and their high heels, this was a big plus.


Juggernaut has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle

Accessories: Juggernaut is the BAF so I wasn’t expecting any for this category. Hasbro has accessorized BAFs in the past (Odin wave) as necessary and it’s not in this case. Unless you wanted a removable helmet. There’s a belt that does come off to have a more classic look. I’m more of a vintage guy so I didn’t assemble my figure with it in case you’re wondering.

Worth it? To get Juggernaut you’ll need to get all of the X-Men wave (sans Deadpool). That could run as much as $140, but most of the seven figures to build Juggernaut are under $20 and have been as cheap as $15.99.


On the very distant chance you’d want Juggernaut but not the other X-Men, he’s not $140 worth of value. You’d be better off going with the standalone Marvel Select figure.

Rating: 9 out of 10

With a more enclosed helmet and a smidge more elbow articulation this would be a perfect Juggernaut. Even with those minor gripes, this is an excellent figure and one well worth buying the entire X-Men Legends wave to get for free.


Where to get it? The X-Men line has proven very popular in retail. So popular that trying to assemble all the various figures from Toys R Us, Target, Walgreens and Gamestop might be tricky. I’d suggest grabbing them from Entertainment Earth, which has a full set for retail price with free shipping.

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