Gotham: Anything for You review, S3, Ep.5

Four episodes into Gotham’s third season and there hasn’t been a letdown yet. Anything for You was another really good episode in a season that has evolved into one of the more consistent comic book based shows on TV. It’s not the all-out action of the more superhero oriented CW shows, but Gotham has found its lane and it’s hit its stride.

Relationships surprisingly were the focus of the episode. The surprise came from how delicately the show handled them. Remember, this is a show that had a bad guy get blown up by a bazooka shell last year. Anything for You made great use of the tremendous character development that’s played out since last season.

Butch’s plan to sic the new Red Hood gang on him and make a daring rescue made a lot of sense. He’d been feeling underappreciated by Penguin after Riddler crept in and nabbed the right hand man spot. This played in to Butch’s normal status as being the man next to the man or woman in Fish’s case. Being third fiddle wasn’t a good fit for him and he was desperate to regain his status in Penguin’s empire.

But there’s a reason Butch is also the main goon and never the man. Tabitha and Barbara quickly learned of his involvement and it didn’t take long for Nygma to piece it together as well. Nygma crashing the Gotham City Police Department was a fun scene. Nygma really came to own his prickly demeanor last season and with his newfound power I’m curious to see how often he abuses it. Either way I was glad Lee punched him. Glad to see someone wanted some payback for Ms. Kringle.


Even the Capt. Barnes subplot with the tainted Alice blood shows some serious potential. He’s gained enough strength now to ditch the cane, but there’s bound to be some not so positive side effects.

The scene with Bruce and Gordon bonding over female advice was really great. Bruce has been a vastly more interesting character since he’s moved beyond searching for his parents’ killer. Longtime Batman fans knew that was a dead end plot and this season has made some significant strides in establishing other Batman traits. Namely Bruce’s loathing of parties, but tolerating them for appearance sake, sharpening his observation skills by catching the lipstick stain on one of Gordon’s mugs and his ‘it’s complicated’ relationship status with Selina.

Gotham’ greatest accomplishment this season has been making the Bruce/Selina relationship something worthy of audience investment. It can’t work for those two crazy kids, but this season has made the case for why it’s worth exploring for awhile.


I was worried the show was going to take a drastic departure from the source material and take Riddler and Penguin’s bromance further. Their quirky oddness and weird dynamic together is just right the way it is right now without making it a romantic one. I’m still not fully sold on the Gordon/Vale pairing, but it’s giving him something more to do than pine away for Lee so that’s a positive.

And just so we don’t forget about him, that final scene with Mad Hatter was appropriately creepy. I’m still adjusting to him being normal height, but the show’s take on Jervis Tetch has been one of its better interpretations of Batman villains.

Anything for You really set some nice subplots in motion. Butch and Tabitha are on the run, Selina is curious about this mysterious redhead and Nygma and Penguin are running Gotham. The show has evolved from a fun watch to one I’m looking forward to the next installment each week.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/FOX