Mattel WWE Elite Sasha Banks figure review Series 44

The WWE has definitely made a statement with its investment in Sasha Banks. The two-time Women’s Champion is becoming a major fixture on RAW. Naturally, she’s going to get her fair share of figures. But with the Elite 44 version, I’m not sure if I’ll need many more versions of The Boss.

Packaging: I’m tapped out on praising the package. It’s great. Nice and colorful and eye-catching. The RAW red accents isn’t as flashy as some of the others as a result.

As I recently realized I bought a figure without the accessories (like a moron), I appreciate Mattel putting all the accessories in plain sight.


Likeness: Mattel went the surprising route and already went with a new Sasha Banks headsculpt. There’s something a little off with this one. The first one wasn’t perfect, but the pronounced forehead on this figure and hair placement makes it look like this version is wearing a wig. That goes a long way to throwing the likeness off.  Since this color scheme is my more preferred version, I’ll eventually do a head swap.


I do appreciate Mattel working in newer options sooner and not simply overdoing one head sculpt. This one needed work, but I like Mattel’s effort here.


Scale: Save the head sculpt, this a repaint of the first figure meaning Sasha is appropriately shorter than Charlotte and Bayley. Trying to adhere to scale remains one of the smartest moves Mattel did with the line.

Paint: Mattel went with a very dull black and silver attire for the Basic figure. It’s not like Banks doesn’t wear flashy gear so that was an odd choice. This version gives us a real all eyes on me outfit. It’s an orange and white creamsicle color scheme.

I always get a little worried when Mattel has a more complicated paintjob and that concern was proven valid here. There’s a lot of small detail to get right here from the arm bands to the tights and boots. This is a fairly complex design and Mattel got it about 85% perfect.

The white portion of the sports bra has enough overspray that it gives a fuzzy appearance and the strap paint on the left arm didn’t cover through entirely.

Sasha’s eyebrows are slightly too thick, which seems to screw up the whole likeness in the face.


Articulation: This is the same Basic/Elite Divas hybrid body despite the Elite label with all its pros and cons. The biggest problem remains the elbows and knees range of movement is limited just enough to make applying holds difficult/impossible.

That hurts Sasha especially in regards to pulling off her Banks Statement finisher and other submission moves. She’s better articulated than most Divas, which is more indictment of that body type than praise for this figure.


Sasha has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows
  • mid-torso
  • waist
  • wrist
  • hips
  • knees
  • shin
  • ankle

Accessories: Here’s where the figure warrants the Elite price. The Basic version was understandably bare bones, but this is The Boss in all her glory.


Banks gets her bling-ed out Boss rings, necklace, stunner shades and jacket. It’s the standard thick plastic Mattel uses so it’s a minor pain to put on and off. This is the rare case where the jacket would be tricky to pull off correctly using cloth.

Mattel made the right call here although I wish the jacket was made of a bit softer plastic like some of the title belts. Sasha gets no up and down arm movement as a result, which is disappointing since Sasha tends to preen and show off on her way to the ring.


The rings don’t fit as well as I’d like as Mattel went with more of a clip function as opposed to a slide on option. They don’t stay on as well as I’d like as a result so be mindful of them whenever you’re moving Sasha around.

Worth it?  For $10 more than the Basic figure you’re getting a more colorful attire, jacket, sunglasses and rings. That’s definitely enough incentive for the upgrade in this case especially since the ring wear would work fine for other standard Basic versions.


Rating: 8.5 out of 10


wwe-elite-44-sasa-banks-figure-review-pulling-charlotte-back-inWhere to get it? Retail must be bracing for the Christmas rush as it’s been barren at most of the regular spots. Elite 43 is just trickling into Gamestop and Walgreens. The best bet at this point is Amazon.