Arrow: The Human Target review Season 5, Ep. 5

OK fellow Olicity haters. Let’s just pretend that will they/won’t they tease was the final nail in the coffin of our least favorite pairing and not some glimmer of hope for later on. Oliver and Felicity silliness aside, The Human Target was a pretty solid episode.

After another intense round of interrogation by Tobias Church, Wild Dog gives up Green Arrow’s identity. Arrow has made more than its share of mistakes through its run, but the showrunners are subtlety showing exactly why secrets and alter egos are so important. Trust sounds good on paper, but letting all of his allies know his identity hasn’t done much for Oliver beyond put him in Church’s sights.


Good thing Diggle has an old pal Christopher Chance aka The Human Target. It was kinda weird watching Wil Traval playing a straightforward heroic role after his complex turn on Jessica Jones. I kinda wish Legends of Tomorrow wasn’t so locked in with its cast as Chance would make for a fun addition to the rotating cast of characters.

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Working Human Target into the Bratva flashback was a very cool touch. Last season’s flashbacks were so insignificant it didn’t matter what was going on, but there’s been more than enough engaging events with Bratva that they warrant more screen time.

Wild Dog’s confessional with Diggle made for a nice moment. This season has done a much better job of giving Green Arrow solo moments while incorporating the team, but I wonder if there’s a future in an extended Spartan/Wild Dog subplot?

arrow-the human target review-diggle-and-oliver

This week’s Mayor Queen subplot was decent though I’m glad reporter Susan Williams is going to be more than the typical love interest.

Church had an elite level costumed accomplice this week. He was handy in saving Church from Prometheus and whupped on Artemis and Mr. Terrific. But having a costumed bodyguard would really have been helpful when Prometheus came to kill Church a third time. Church had a pretty inglorious ending. He was this pretty menacing early season threat, but was spooked when Prometheus resurfaced. And how stupid was Church for giving up his one last trump card before ensuring his safety? At least Church had a pretty amazing fight scene with Green Arrow before getting taken out.


It looks like Prometheus will be taking center stage as the main villain starting next week. I’m hoping the showrunners have some cool ideas in store so it’s not just a replay of the Dark Archer storyline with more disposable cannon fodder. Hopefully, Oliver keeps The Human Target on speed dial.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW