Breaking Bad Heisenberg and Jesse Hazmat Suit 1:6 Scale Action Figure 2-Pack

Breaking Bad is one of those shows on my ‘I really need to set aside a weekend and binge’ list. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and Bryan Cranston can do no wrong in my book. ThreeA is hoping to tap into fans’ love for the show with this pretty cool Hazmat Suit version of Heisenberg and Jesse.

Featuring the likenesses of Cranston and Aaron Paul, these 12 inch figure two pack rocking their special business suits. Threezero was mindful of getting the scale correct as Heisenberg is 12 1/4 inches while Jesse is 11 ½ inches.


The set includes a wide array of clothing and interchangeable hands such as:
2x Yellow hazmat suit
1x Glasses, undershirt, pants, and shoes (for Heisenberg)
1x Undershirt, pants, and shoes (for Jesse)
5x Pairs of hands with protective gloves (2x relaxed, 1x gripping, 1x holding, 1x fists)

Accessories include:
2x Gas mask
1x Lab desk
1x Round chemical container
3x Chemical glass bottle (with water)
1x Steel tray
1x Beaker (with water)
1x Measuring glass (with water)
1x Flask (with water)
1x Test tube rack
3x Test tube
3x Test tube (with water)
1x Trowel
1x Mortar and pestle
1x Graduated cylinder

The set is due for release by July 2017 so maybe by that time I’ll finally have caught up on the show.

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