DC Comics reviews for 11/9/16 – All-Star Batman #4, Wonder Woman #10, Flash #10

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #8

hal-jordan-and-the-green-lantern-corps-8-coverI’m about out of adjectives so let’s keep this simple: if you’ve ever enjoyed a Green Lantern title and aren’t reading Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, you need to see the light.

In the fallout of the latest salvo with the Sinestro Corps, John Stewart has to lead the GLC in picking up the pieces. Their first order? Re-establishing themselves as the peacekeeping unit in the galaxy. And maybe figure out what happened to Hal Jordan.

Too bad writer Robert Venditti has no intention of giving the Lanterns time to collect themselves. The Lanterns barely get settled before they’re off to the next galaxy-spanning threat — a welcome return for a classic villain. That’d be more than enough, but Venditti packs in another shocker that works beautifully in the context of the story.

hal-jordan-and-the-green-lantern-corps-8-interior-artIn Hal’s absence, Venditti gets to devote more time to John Stewart and his leadership style as commander of the Lanterns. And how John will react to seeing former Lantern Soranik now sporting Sinestro Corps colors.

The story is great, but Ethan Van Sciver’s art puts it over the top. Van Sciver packs so much detail into each frame that it’s like watching a movie. When Van Sciver joins Venditti, this is a title very hard not to place atop DC’s Rebirth line. This was another terrific installment in a series that hasn’t had a letdown.

Rating: 10 out of 10