Marvel Legends Wonder Man figure review – BAF Abomination wave

Wonder Man has always been one of my favorite Avengers to me. I dig his origin as an Avengers mole in the team’s earliest days. Then he was cast as the reluctant hero before becoming the pompous Hollywood star butting heads with Iron Man as a West Coast Avenger.

So while Wonder Man has had a ton of viable looks, I’m OK with Hasbro opting for his Avengers Alliance outfit. It’s close enough to his classic black and red attire even if it’s the least exciting costume choice.

Anything would have been better than the Toy Biz figure, which was one of the few figures I sold long before Hasbro took over the line because I hated it that much. Fortunately, I’ve got a lot more love for this figure.

Packaging: Wonder Man is part of the latest Captain America wave. This is the same no frills Marvel Legends packaging we’ve gotten for years only with a brighter blue accent colors for Cap.

He shares packaging with Captain Britain so only one of the side panels features Wonder Man art by Mike Deodato. That of course means the bio is generically written so it can very loosely apply to both heroes.

I won’t ever complain of the figure presentation as it shows off all the accessories and Build-A-Figure parts to tip you off if something has been stolen. That’s more helpful than you realize once you start paying attention to BAF and accessory swaps.

marvel-legends-wonder-man-figure-review-wide-shotLikeness: Next to Thor, Wonder Man is the Avengers’ resident powerhouse brawler. The figure largely conveys that sense thanks to the exposed shoulders that give that brawny, not brainy appearance. This is a very simple costume and is basically a blank buck for Hasbro besides the gauntlets and head sculpt.

I like the choice for the head sculpt as it’s suitably Superman-esque in a calm, reserved state. No need to ruin the figure with a goofy, angry expression.marvel-legends-wonder-man-figure-review-hands-on-hips

Scale: Hasbro went with the larger body used on Captain America. Wonder Man is one of the few brawlers whose size hasn’t been ridiculously supersized to convey his strength. marvel-legends-wonder-man-figure-review-scale-with-iron-man-thor-warbird-and-hawkeye

He’s still taller than average size guys like Hawkeye and Daredevil, but not towering over them like the more recent Hasbro Thor figures. Most importantly, he doesn’t look scrawny next to the average size heroes like the Toy Biz version.

Paint: Wonder Man’s simplistic costume choice made for a pretty easy paint job here. The line work on the W is clean and there wasn’t any signs of fading or oversprays around the eyes, gauntlets or thigh strips.

There wasn’t a lot to screw up here, but Wonder Man doesn’t lose any points for lack of paint difficulty.

marvel-legends-wonder-man-figure-review-ready-for-battleArticulation: Wonder Man isn’t any different than your average male Marvel Legends figure. You’ll be able to hit every appropriate pose you’d need for a superhero powerhouse.

marvel-legends-wonder-man-figure-review-with-thor-vs-juggernautWonder Man has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle


Accessories: Wonder Man gets swappable fists — a translucent set to showcase him triggering his ion powers and the same power bands recently used with Havok. The bands aren’t wrong per se, but given the outfit and Hasbro’s willingness to include swappable limbs, I’d rather they went with translucent arms and an ion-ed up head.

marvel-legends-wonder-man-figure-review-vs-grim-reaperIt wouldn’t be perfect, but it would make for a nice alternative way to show his power. Or better yet a removable red safari jacket and sunglasses.

Additionally, Wonder Man comes with the right leg for the Build-A-Figure Abomination.marvel-legends-wonder-man-figure-review-west-coast-avengers-tigra-hawkeye-iron-man-and-mockingbird

Worth it? Naturally after I waited weeks to get Wonder Man for the regular $20 price, Amazon now has him for $12.98. That is the sweet spot for a figure without a lot of sizzle.marvel-legends-wonder-man-figure-review-with-beast

Rating: 9 out of 10

Wonder Man gets a simple, but worthwhile update. Given Hasbro’s willingness to do costume variants — see his ‘brother’ The Vision — I’m hoping we’ll see the iconic safari jacket look at some point. While it’s not a wondrous figure, this is a very solid figure.

marvel-legends wonder man figure-review-avengers-iron-man-beast-thor-captain-america-and-warbirdWhere to get it?  The wave has shown up at Target and Toys R Us. Currently, Amazon has it for a killer price so I recommend grabbing Wonder Man from there or at least having the other stores price match it.

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