Doctor Strange makes 2nd week house call to top box office with $43M

As expected, Marvel’s Doctor Strange staved off a slew of newcomers to retain its box office crown. A third consecutive week is out of the question as the highly anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens this Friday.

1. Doctor Strange – $43 million [2nd week; $153 million in total] Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme had no problems repeating. After a phenomenal opening weekend, the good Doctor had no trouble maintaining its spell on audiences. The strong second weekend is a good sign for Marvel as it begins the challenging process of identifying the next big franchises to replace Iron Man, Thor and Captain America at the box office.

2. Trolls – $35 million [2nd week; $94 million] Animated family films always prove a challenge to knock off simply on the basis of numbers. Family films sell more tickets by virtue of shorter run times and double the number of sales. A family a four always trumps two people seeing a movie. Not that Trolls’ success needs an asterisk. Audiences are clearly captivated with the characters helping Trolls to close in on its $125 million budget.


3. Arrival – $24 million [opening weekend] The critically acclaimed sci-fi thinker starring Amy Adams did pretty well. Considering the genre, Arrival has a pretty reasonable budget of $47 million. That conservative price tag should make it easy for the film to turn a profit maybe even as soon as next weekend. This is a film that’s likely to get more buzz come award season and will continue to garner interest once nominations start rolling in.

4. Almost Christmas – $15.6 million [opening weekend] The holiday ensemble comedy probably jumped the gun on Christmas. The similar theme This Christmas opened Thanksgiving Weekend back in 2007 and brought in $18 million. With a $17 million budget, Almost Christmas was almost always assured to be profitable. The real question is if it can maintain a box office presence heading closer to Christmas to really take advantage of the holiday season.

5. Hacksaw Ridge – $10.8 million [2nd week; $32.3 million] Mel Gibson’s war drama wraps up the Top 5. Given the Vererans Day holiday, it seemed to get a decent turnout to remain in the fifth spot.