DC’s  Legends of Tomorrow: Compromised review S2 Ep5

Aside from the official kick-off to the super villain team-up, Compromised was an odd episode that once again played fast and loose with the Legends’ agenda and overall goal.

Of all the various time periods they’ve visited, 1987 was one of the better fits for the team. Too bad the focus shifted from Miami to Washington, D.C. It would have been worth it just to see Mick and Ray pull off a Miami Vice homage. Darhk does bring out his Sonny Crockett tribute just in time to get recruited by Reverse Flash. Thawne isn’t ready to spill on his big plan, but Darhk agrees to go along with him for now.

One of the bigger problems so far this season has been the team’s inconsistent stance on time travel. Some weeks the team is very particular about not upsetting anything, the next they’re doing things simply because it’s what’s right. In a week where the team’s personal agendas were conflicting with their time guardians status, this was an appropriate conversation.

dcs-legends-of-tomorrow-compromised-review-legends-teamThat came to a head when Sara learned Darhk was running around and she broke rank to go after him. This is another example why she’s better suited as the team’s Wolverine and not the leader. It was weird having the team chastise her for risking the mission for revenge.

Eventually, Sara learned her lesson and didn’t try and kill Darhk upon their second confrontation. Instead, she opted to play This Is Your Life – Spoiler Edition and telling Darhk every miserable thing that was going to happen to him. That definitely didn’t seem like a smart play — now Darhk has a focus instead of randomly screwing around in the time stream. In a lot of ways, this was probably a more disastrous move than Sara simply killing him. Sara’s blue outfit just needed a turtleneck and bib to really nail the 80s Black Canary jumpsuit attire.

Maybe I’ve missed it, but this was the first time I noticed the helmet of S.T.R.I.P.E. alongside Red Tornado’s helmet. With the Justice Society cameos, I was hoping we’d see the next generation of JSA members, including S.T.R.I.P.E. himself. Maybe even Fury, Nuklon, Silver Scarab and Jade as well? At least Obsidian was there. This time as a much older man played by Lance Henriksen (Aliens).

Although cool, why would Obsidian be hanging around the deserted JSA training facility? In the off chance someone would come by seeking training? I appreciated the show addressing the JSA’s limbo status with Amaya’s departure and Hourman’s death. It was a little disappointing we couldn’t get any other team members if even in a photo.


Watching older Stein suddenly take interest in his wife — now that he’s old enough to be her father (ewww) — and chew his younger self out for ignoring her was laughable. Not because Stein didn’t have a point, but because for two years Stein has happily traveled all throughout time with barely a mention of his wife. This was more of a scenario that would help explain writing Stein off the show even if only temporarily, but by having older Stein do nothing at all made that subplot ring hollow.

The better pairing this week was Mick and Ray. Initially, Mick figured for some reason that Ray could easily fit into Snart’s shoes. That led to a fun staple of all 80s buddy cop movies — the stakeout. No matter the era, Ray and Mick have proven to be an unlikely reliably entertaining duo.

Now armed with the reveal that his family is going to die at some point in the future, Darhk is down for Thawne’s plan. Even better, he gets to travel through time in Thawne’s time bubble(!) The Legends might have won a battle, but they’ve now given Darhk a reason to work against them and that’s hardly a smart way to win the war.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW