Supergirl: Survivors review S2, Ep4

Would anyone list someone besides Supergirl/Kara as their favorite character on Supergirl? Flash can get away with a large supporting cast because Team Flash is a lot of fun beyond having a great family dynamic. Arrow brought in The Outsiders, but makes sure to give its titular character enough time in the spotlight. Survivors reinforced the notion that Melissa Benoist’s character is the best part of the show, which makes all the attention focused on the jam-packed supporting cast all the more frustrating.

Roulette (Dichen Lachman) running an alien fight club was a solid premise for the episode, but Survivors was overextended trying to accommodate the entire cast. And that was before the unneeded return of Kara’s holographic mother giving inspirational pep talks.

supergirl survivors review-alex-and-maggie-sawyer

The Alex/Maggie subplot is playing out incredibly clunky and forced. Alex is clearly crushing on Maggie and it’s annoying the show is making Alex’s newfound sexuality identity such a big deal.

In other things that get unnecessary attention — Kara’s triumphant moment of getting a story right. I love Snapper Carr’s dismissive treatment of her naïve perspective on how journalism works, but these little victories aren’t something that should be celebrated, but expected.

Juggling these various subplots impacted the main story, which was pretty cool. Roulette is one of the newer DC villains that’s hard to screw up whether in live action or animated. Lachman had Roulette’s spiel down great and it was fun seeing her vamp it up as a villain after her Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. stint.


Winn spent most of the episode helping Mon-El get acclimated to his new powers. It was a little interesting that the writers made a point to have Winn say Mon-El didn’t have nearly the same amount of strength as Supergirl.

Chris Wood is doing a great job with the role, but the portrayal of Mon-El is jarringly way off base. He’s more of the morose, brooding type thanks to his stint in isolation in the Phantom Zone. The frat boy spin on the character would have been better suited for Mon-El’s Legion of Superheroes teammate Ultra Boy. And it seems a wasted opportunity for the show to not introduce the Phantom Zone via Mon-El.

supergirl-survivors-review-mon-el-and-winnCharacter portrayals seemed a bit off with Miss Martian as well. Her biggest claim to fame is her role on Young Justice as the perky, overly optimistic powerhouse raised on sitcoms. Watching a sunny Miss Martian teaming with an equally cheerful Supergirl could have been a lot of fun. Instead, Miss Martian will be joining J’onn to prove that all aliens — white or green — are haunted, stoic characters all the time.

The same goal could have been accomplished by swapping Miss Martian as the crash landed alien and Mon-El as the reluctant fight club participant. At least there was some nice action sequences with Supergirl battling an alien gladiator.

Survivors briefly touched on Supergirl and J’onn’s anger over aliens being pitted against each other. Moreso than Superman, Supergirl is starting to establish herself as the superhero advocate for aliens, which offers some interesting possibilities as the season progresses. But to accomplish that, the show runners are going to devote more attention to its main hero.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW