Supergirl: Crossfire review 

Crossfire was another uneven episode that had some good ideas, but the execution was spotty.

Supergirl always skews a lighter tone than even The Flash, but it makes the shifts to more dramatic subplots far more jarring. 

Cadmus goons running around National City causing chaos was a solid main arc. Busting out Superman villains each week isn’t sustainable and common crooks with hi-tech weaponary provided a formidable enough challenge for Supergirl.

Using these attacks as the impetus for James to decide he wants to be a hero was yet another dramatic shakeup to last season’s status quo.

Giving James something to do besides keep the Catco set in play isn’t a bad move. And it gives Winn more to do besides playing Cisco’s understudy. 

The problem, like other rushed subplots this season, is the needless accelerated pace to makes James a hero. This was a guy content to be the wise counselor. He never had a hint of hero envy so this came out of nowhere. Slowly building that up throughout the course of the season would have made it mean so much more.

That’s also proven to be a problem with the Alex/Maggie subplot. One week Maggie had a girlfriend, the next she’s gone so Alex can continue be confused by all these strange feelings. Alex’s sexual awakening is speeding along so quickly it’s not progressing organically at all. 
At least the writers are playing Kara’s inevitable romance with Mon-El smoother. Even if it’s leading to unintentional sitcom style moments like the dress up montage and Kara needing to see Mon-El with Miss Tessmaucher in the supply room. 

Kara rushing to make Mon-El her superhero-in-training led to some goofy moments like Mon-El not knowing how to use a phone. 

I also got a kick out of stringer Kara sitting in on the editorial board meeting with Snapper Carr nowhere in sight.

The potential romance I’m way more interested in is Winn and Lena. Their brief moment interacting to knock out the Cadmus thugs was a lot of fun with some natural chemistry.

Lena’s mom is the head of Cadmus.

Rating: 7 out of 10