Supergirl: Medusa review S2, Ep. 8

Medusa was announced as the kickoff episode to the four-part Invasion crossover. Instead, it was more of a sneaky way to bring audiences into Supergirl’s world. That was always the unspoken agenda for comic book crossovers, but there’s usually a little more effort in it. As a crossover episode, Medusa failed, but as another Supergirl episode for this second season it was fine.

It’s Thanksgiving at the Danvers household and it’s time to carve a turkey. The writers are going too heavy in painting Mon-El as the big dumb jock. Although he’s on Earth, he can’t be bothered to understand any Earth culture let alone the lingo. So naturally he rips apart his pillows to bring over the stuffing. But why would he know that it’s called stuffing a pillow? Mon-El logic hurts my head. But everyone’s big Thanksgiving proclamations get interrupted thanks to a portal opening and promptly closing over the dinner table.


Question: what’s rarer to find on a prime-time show — a gay character or a Christian character? Trick question. Everybody knows Christians don’t exist on network TV.

The big secondary subplot this episode was Alex working up the nerve to come out to her mother. This whole Alex coming out storyline has lacked any significant conflict. Everyone has been so accepting and cool with it that it seems weird that so many episodes are based on people’s reactions. Sure Kara had half an episode of being confused about it, but that’s been it.

If the purpose of this storyline is to educate and enlighten folks making coming out seem so easy for everyone probably isn’t the best approach. Maggie continues to string Alex along as now she’s ready for a real relationship with her. I’ve rarely seen a subplot with so much fretting and time spent on nothing.

Medusa’s main arc featured a lot more conflict. Oddly enough it was far more interesting.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Cyborg Superman (in name only) goes into a bar and unleashes a virus that only kills aliens. OK, maybe not that funny. While random aliens getting killed is bad enough, Supergirl really gets motivated to stop it after learning this was another legacy gift from her parents.

This time an ultimate deterrent whipped up by her father to protect Krypton from alien invaders. Why Superman had this virus info stored at the Fortress of Solitude is another question. At least password protect that kind of stuff, Kal-El.

Supergirl Medusa review - Mon-El and Supergirl

Mon-El gets infected by Medusa as well and in his delirium, slips Kara a kiss. Supergirl has pretty much got the romance drama subplot already covered with Maggie and Alex. And this Kara/Mon-El inevitable romance just feels forced. Maybe it’ll get more interesting once we learn who’s stalking Mon-El?

Lena Luthor’s relationship has a lot more potential. With her though, it’s strictly her mommy issues as she feels second best to Lex. That’s not an angle on a lot of shows and it accomplishes a lot for Lena’s character. It helps her stand out apart from the Luthor shadow and it allows her character to have a presence and not be the show’s Lex Luthor stand in.

While she set her mother up and crashed Cadmus by rendering Medusa inert, it’ll be interesting to see if Lena doesn’t feel slighted by Supergirl. Lena evolving to become her own villain that’s different from both Lex and Cadmus could make her the foil Supergirl desperately needs.

Supergirl Medusa review - Supergirl, Eliza, J'onn and Alex

Cyborg Superman is still not doing it for me. If he’s going to insist on using that name, at least wear the S shield and throw on a cape. Hoodie attire doesn’t work in this case. Who does he think he is — Luke Cage? At least we got a nice little throw down with White Martian variant J’onn and Cyborg Superman.

The Medusa cure also allowed Eliza to zap away J’onn’s pesky White Martian infection. Eliza would have been handy to have around at that alien bar especially late in the night …

After a few more tries, the warp hole finally stops at a location — Kara’s living room — and Barry and Cisco exit. I’ll just ignore the obvious question of why they didn’t step out when Kara was at the dinner table. Barry needs Kara’s help to deal with a small problem. Time for a team-up!

Rating: 8 out of 10

Invasion crossover non-starter issues aside, Medusa was a solid episode.

Photo Credit: The CW