Legends of Tomorrow: Invasion! review Season 2, Ep. 7

Before I start cranking out my list of the next big DC crossover I want to see the CW universe to tackle, let’s break down the Invasion finale. It wasn’t perfect, but watching the Arrowverse go all Avengers on the Dominators made for a thrilling conclusion to this ambitious and well-executed endeavor.

One of the best aspects about the Invasion! crossover was how it naturally flowed into the regular makeup of the respective shows. Flash’s episode was a wild super power escapade, Arrow’s tie-in had an appropriate flashback feel and Legends stayed true to its time-traveling roots.

It would have been nice for anyone to join Steel, Vixen and Heat Wave on the trip to 1951 to nab a Dominator. Diggle’s reaction to an earlier alien invasion seemed like a can’t lose prospect. Nate’s cool portrayal made it a perfect 3 for 3 with Legends characters treated better in this crossover than in the regular version of the show.

Beyond having a more comic accurate costume, it had the added bonus of mostly covering up the Colossus effect. I’m warming up to the idea of Nate being the leader of the Legends and he definitely came off like a force this episode.


With just one episode left to wrap the crossover all of the early time devoted to Cisco and Felicity felt wasted. The first two installments devoted adequate time to Tech Support, but their quirky brand of humor was a little tiresome. I wanted more Supergirl, Green Arrow and Flash interaction with the Legends and instead we get Felicity and Cisco spazzing (and puking) over the Waverider. And it was a little frustrating even a CW Justice League can’t get the job done without Felicity making tech magic.

Cisco’s rescue of a Dominator finally gave him perspective on good intentions creating major problems so he could stop ragging on Barry. Hopefully alerting the Dominators of the meta-human presence on Earth will be the last of the Flashpoint problems for old Barry.

For as much grief Barry got for Flashpoint, I was ecstatic that the Legends’ caviler attitude toward time travel finally had some repercussions. It was Stein’s meddling around with his younger self that led to the birth of his daughter, Lily (Christina Brucato).

legends-of-tomorrow invasion review-stein-and-jax

Oliver’s reluctance to work with Supergirl felt forced. Clearly putting her on the sidelines was going to put the team at an immense disadvantage. Not that it mattered in the end since Oliver needed everyone to rally to convince Barry not to turn himself over to Agent K. I loved the nod to Brandon Routh’s turn as Superman with his bewilderment over how much Kara resembled his cousin.

I get that juggling multiple heroes in one episode is a logistical nightmare, but it was weird that the rest of Team Arrow didn’t make the trip for the grand finale. If the rest couldn’t tag along, at least let Thea stick around for the fun.

And overall, I’m still unclear how the team made the Dominators retreat. Honestly, that didn’t matter thanks to that sweet action sequence. This was pretty much what I was hoping for in the big showdown and it delivered with some well-staged chaos.

Take a shot for every Sara Lance reminder that she’s into women. Unlike Maggie, Sara would have absolutely no qualms about breaking in the rookie Alex. Remember when Sara was just this cool bad a$$ assassin, who didn’t continually play up her bisexual lesbian preference for laughs? Yeah, that was awesome.


Supergirl getting a personal transporter solves the problem of how to get her on this Earth if the need arises later. The farewell sequences played out well particularly Diggle still trying to wrap his head around everything. And the final scene of Barry and Oliver hanging out was the perfect low-key way to wind everything down.

For a three-part crossover that also had to navigate a big milestone episode for the flagship show, Invasion was an exceptional first effort. I’m curious to see what lessons the show runners take from Invasion to use for the next big mega event. And for that next incident, about time to get to work on that list..

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW