DC Comics reviews for week of 12/14/16 – Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad

Action Comics #969

Action Comics #969 Gary Frank cover 12/14/16

Dan Jurgens raises an interesting discussion with the latest issue of Action Comics. At the core of this issue is the philosophical debate of whether killing Lex Luthor before he kills millions in the future is justified. As sleazy and self-serving as he’s been at times, the Rebirth Luthor hasn’t shown any outright evil tendencies.

Superman largely is inactive this issue as he spends most of it tracking down Luthor’s location. Hardly the most exciting use of The Man of Steel. Luthor fares better as even in captivity, he remains ever bit as pompous as ever.

Most of the issue is told from the perspective of Godslayer, providing some insight into the futuristic protector/executioner’s mindset and how his missions have left him emotionally scarred. Getting into Godslayer’s head was a smart choice as it makes him more than the narrow-minded time traveler that can only see their objective.

Action Comics #969 interior art

Patrick Zircher returns to handle the art duties. Of all the numerous Action Comics artists, Zircher is easily the most consistent. His artwork would benefit from a stronger inker to help embellish his style, which at times gets washed out with Arif Piranto’s more subdued color choices.

This isn’t the most groundbreaking Superman story ever, but Jurgens is telling it enjoyably enough. Perhaps more importantly, this is going a long way to establishing a working relationship between Superman and his longstanding rival.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10