DC Comics reviews for week of 12/14/16 – Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad

DC Comics Holiday Special #1

DC Holiday Special #1 coverTo help ring in the holidays, DC assembled an anthology with all of its top stars by some of readers’ favorite creators. The $10 price tag might result in sticker shock, but this is a fun holiday theme special.

Harley Quinn plays narrator/hostesses in the segments bridging the stories.

Tim Seeley and Ian Churchill kick off the fun with DC’s flagship characters and two of the Rebirth era’s Crown Jewels, Batman and Superman. It seems like the standard get the kids the hotly-demanded toy, but has some nice twists.

Next up is another Superman tale with Supes and Jon trying to find a Christmas present for Krypto. Eric Esquivel’s script shows a solid understanding of the Kent family dynamic. More importantly though was the return of Dan Jurgens on art. Jurgens was the definitive Superman artist for the 90s, which helped give this story a classic feel.

DC Holiday Special #1 interior artHeath Corson and co-writer/artist Gustavo Duerte collaborate on a really fun Detective Chimp and Batman story. While it may not have been the intent, Corson and Duerte make a great pitch for a Detective Chimp series.

Another unlikely pairing is Wonder Woman and Constantine. The book features most of DC’s big guns wrapped in a nice holiday edition. Is it worth $10? For most DC fans there’s bound to be enough in the 88 pages to make it worth a read during the holidays.

Rating: 8 out of 10