DC Comics reviews for week of 12/14/16 – Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad

Detective Comics #964

Detective Comics #946 coverIt’d be more of a shock if DC’s best superhero team book had an off issue. That definitely isn’t the case with issue 964, another in a long run of strong installments for this standout run.

Tired of playing the cat and mouse game with The Victim Syndicate, Batman leads the team in attack against Gotham’s latest threat. As expected, the action delivers with Team Batman now more prepared for a fight after sizing up the Syndicate following their first encounter.

Writer James Tynion IV continues to make Red Robin’s death and its impact on the team a major component of his run. With the wounds still fresh, it’s taking Spoiler onto a very interesting path, one that might be hard from her to return from by the time it’s over. Tynion writes a really nice exchange between Batman and Red Robin detailing the origins of Team Batman and what their efforts could mean for Gotham as a whole. Spoiler also has a conversation with Red Robin even if that proves to not be quite as effective.

Detective Comics #946 interior artEddy Barrows’ art is on fire right now. The action sequences throughout the issue were great and some of his panels looked incredibly lifelike. Detective has typically had solid art, but Barrows is putting in the work of his career and it’s taking the book to another level.

Tynion and Barrows + Team Batman? That’s a combination too spectacular to fail as Detective continues to be a must-read Rebirth title.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10