DC Comics reviews for week of 12/14/16 – Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad #8

Suicide Squad #8 coverSuicide Squad remains one of DC’s most consistent reads. It’s not perfect, but it makes good on its promise to deliver crazy action with DC’s wildest characters. Issue #8 served as both a thrilling conclusion to the General Zod saga and prelude to the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad crossover.

Writer Rob Williams continues to craft one of DC’s two best team books. Williams understands the fun in a Suicide Squad title isn’t some intricate plot, but how the team reacts to the nutty scenarios like a prison overrun with a murderous virus.

That’s always where this book shines and with Flag, Hacker and a sane Harley Quinn dealing with their possessed teammates and prisoners, this was a wildly entertaining issue.

Suicide Squad #8 interior artJim Lee delivered some of his best artwork in the series. Early on, Lee’s art seemed rushed and hardly worthy of his legendary status. Whatever helped him refocus, Lee found his mojo back resulting in some excellent pages in every panel not just the big splash pages.  This definitely seems like a fitting break point for Lee’s initial run on the title and if so, he went out on a high note.

Beyond the main story, Williams teams with artists Guiseppe Camuncoli and Francesco Mattina covering Killer Frost’s induction to the team. This is a standard intro to the Suicide Squad and nothing we haven’t seen/read before, but Williams still makes it somewhat fresh with Frost’s predatory perspective of her new teammates. El Diablo definitely will want to steer clear. The artwork was really solid given the setup for the issue. The facial work of the characters was a standout. I’d like to see this art team handle a full-fledged issue.

Suicide Squad is one of those titles you know what you’re getting every issue —some over the top action, some laughs and the oddest collection of characters in the DCU. There’s a reason Suicide Squad is one of DC’s easiest reads on stands.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10