Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review (Star Wars: A New Hope)

I’ve been collecting long enough to remember owning an original Princess Leia figure. Now that I own the Hot Toys Princess Leia, it’s almost amazing to think how far the hobby has come. There’s a few other possible contenders, but I’d be stunned if Leia didn’t end up being my favorite 12” female figure of the year.

Princess Leia Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure

Packaging:  Hot Toys has a simple outer package for this line. I like the elegant looking use of the flat and shiny shades of black. It might be a bit too simple though.

Fortunately, the interior package has a far more dynamic glimpse of the Leia figure in various iconic New Hope poses.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review -side shot

Likeness:  One thing that always stands out with Hot Toys figures is how eerily accurate they are to their real life counterparts. Leia might be one of their best efforts with an uncanny likeness to Carrie Fisher. There’s a strong sense of determination that’s really conveyed well on the figure.  From every angle, the likeness is extraordinary. This is the difference between getting a Hot Toys figure and everything else.

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I didn’t doubt the bun hairstyle would be a problem for Hot Toys and they pulled it off well. There are a lot of solid details in the hair strands to look like hair tightly pulled and arranged.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review -scale with Chewbacca, Han Solo and Luke SkywalkerScale:  On the sliding scale of Star Wars protagonists, Chewbacca towers over everyone. Then there’s Han, Luke and Leia. Hot Toys adhered to that scale perfectly.

Paint:  There’s not a lot of paint opportunities with Leia beyond the face, but that’s vitally important in this instance. A bad paint job would ruin the outstanding sculpt.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - wide shot

As usual, the Hot Toys’ paintjob is superb. Leia has a real lifelike appearance and it’s thanks to Hot Toys’ work with just the right amount of makeup, the natural skin tone and line work on the hair.Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - standing

Outfit: Leia’s outfit is much trickier than it appears. It’s not quite a gown, dress or robe, but a unique hybrid that only a princess from Alderaan can pull off apparently.

To help avoid a ‘Party Leia’ problem, Hot Toys added a slight skirt under the main outfit. You won’t notice it unless you’re looking for it and is otherwise well concealed.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - aiming Stormtrooper blasterIt’s not until I started posing Leia around did I notice slight inconsistencies from the film version. The sleeves don’t ‘fall down’ to the elbow and drape nearly as long as it does in reference photos. I don’t really see how Hot Toys could have accomplished that without making the sleeves look silly in the resting position.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - pulling down the hood

Leia’s hood was tricky to pose as well. Reference pictures on that were hard to find since Leia has it on for all of 20 seconds in Star Wars. It goes up OK, but I was never completely satisfied with how I was able to position it.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - with Luke SkywalkerArticulation: I don’t ever feel the need to get especially creative with posing my Hot Toys figures. The price tag and my overall wariness of breaking a figure for one pose has generally made me gun shy.

Leia can be positioned easily enough for all of her iconic Star Wars poses save the laying on the cell bench as Luke arrives. Otherwise, Leia is all set to get snippy with Tarkin and Vader and blast away at some Stormtroopers.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review -brought in by StormtroopersLeia has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - accessoriesAccessories: Leia didn’t have a ton of accessory options from the film so her below average offerings here won’t impact her score.  As always, there’s a great variety of hands for posing options:

  • Pair of relaxed palms
  • Pair of weapon holding palms
  • One left palm for supporting weapon.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - aiming blaster pistolLeia also comes with her smaller blaster pistol. The size of it looks terrific and there’s some nice detailed work on it as well. Additionally, she comes with a Stormtrooper rifle. This is the same highly detailed blaster we’ve seen with the Stormtrooper set. It makes sense to give Leia one since she used it to take out several Stormtroopers in the escape from the Death Star.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - holding Stormtrooper blasterAlso included is the figure stand. I appreciate them, but Leia is more than stable enough to stand without it.

Worth it? Leia will run you slightly cheaper than an average Hot Toys figure at $204. That’s a fair price for a figure of this quality that isn’t packed with a ton of extras.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - with Luke Skywalker and Han SoloFortunately Sideshow Collectibles offers a very budget-friendly payment schedule plan where you can pay as little as $50 a month.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

I doubt it’s even worth me trying not to be biased here. Hot Toys has delivered a classic Princess Leia figure here. I’m pulling for an Empire Strikes Back version next, but I won’t need another Star Wars version now thanks to this figure.

Hot Toys Princess Leia figure review - with Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Han SoloWhere to get it?  Sideshow Collectibles originally went through its initial allotment of Leia, but has her back up now. Star Wars are definitely one of their hottest collectibles and if you’re interested, I highly suggest grabbing her now. Currently, Sideshow is offering Leia with free shipping making her an even better deal.

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