Riverdale trailer: not the same old Archie 

Part of what made family runs to the grocery store more tolerable when I was younger were the Archie digests. Reading the exploits of the Riverdale gang helped ease what otherwise were long and often boring trips down the aisle.

I’ve continued to be a huge Archie fan over the following decades. The new series by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples has been one of my favorite comics over the last two years. That’s probably why I’m exceedingly leery about the CW’s series.

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If any property didn’t need an dark and emo spin it’s Archie. This new trailer shows this is going to be working overtime to contort the beloved property into the established CW formula.

This looks exactly like every other CW teen drama. And I can’t help but think that’s its biggest problem.

Moody, angsty Jughead? Archie hooking up with Miss Grundy? It’s a bizzaro spin on Archie and I don’t have high hopes for it. Maybe it’ll prove me wrong. We’ll find out when Riverdale starts Jan. 26.

Photo Credit: The CW