DC Icons Aquaman figure review

I’m not exactly sure when it became hip to hate on Aquaman. I always found him to be pretty cool. Super Friends always managed to make him a valued contributor on the team.  Thanks to creators like Peter David, Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns, Aquaman has enjoyed a newfound surge in respect and fan appreciation.

On the figure front, he’s always fared well so I was curious to see how the DC Icons version would stack up.  Mattel’s DC Classics version was one of my all-time favorites in the line so the Icons figure had a tougher challenge than some of the others. Let’s see how he fared.

DC Icons Aquaman figure review - top packagePackaging:  Consistency is the name of the game here. This is a line I think would look really nice as an MOC collection. That’s largely due to the overall white color scheme and color appropriate accent color and logo. Aquaman is number 11 in the Icons line and this figure is based on his Legend of Aquaman appearance. 

DC Icons Aquaman figure review - main picLikeness:  Aquaman has been portrayed as more of a stoic character and the expression is befitting The King of Atlantis. Unlike Superman, he doesn’t need a stocky powerhouse build. This size feels about right for a guy who spends a lot of his time swimming.

Aquaman has been one of those guys whose classic look translates very well to figure form. The completely scaled shirt is really well done. The personalized attention to detail to every character is one of the Icons’ line strongest selling points for me. DCC nailed this crucial element to his look here.

Paint:  Just from an aesthetic viewpoint Aquaman is always a welcome addition to a Justice League display. The vibrant orange breaks up the red, blue and green party of his teammates. The scales have a nice sheen to them that really catch light well. There’s some gold overspray from the belt fading into the bottom portion of the torso, but otherwise it turned out very clean.

DC Icons Aquaman figure review - holding trident wideFor the Icons line, DCC has been experimenting with some interesting eye painting techniques. It hasn’t always worked well, but the effect isn’t bad on Aquaman. The hair may be a bit too pale matched with the skin tone, but it’s a more realistic looking blonde color than we normally see on this scale.

Scale:  Aquaman is just a tad shorter than Green Lantern or Superman and right in line with Green Arrow. He’s a character I typically view as average height anyway and this figure represents that just right.

DC Icons Aquaman figure review - wide pose with tridentArticulation:  From an articulation standpoint, the Icons line hit the right mix of movement under this articulation scheme with the Wave 2 figures. Aquaman does have double jointed knees, but because the back fin, it doesn’t go back as far as most of the figures. Like Superman and Black Adam, he’d benefit from better back and forth movement on the head for swimming poses.

Aquaman has:

  • neck
  • shoulders (ball-jointed)
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • mid torso
  • wrist (and wrist hinge)
  • hip
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:   Aquaman is loaded with very useful accessories and one amazing one I never knew I needed. He comes with two additional pairs of hands. One open hand and the other another set of fists. Oddly, a pair of flat hands that could be used for swimming poses was absent. DC Icons Aquaman figure review - instructions

We’ve seen them on The Flash figure so a mold does exist so it was curious they weren’t included for a character where they’d be a natural fit. Superman also could have used them. DCC could probably ditch the sorta open/gripping hands and go with the straight/karate chop hand for all characters for the alternate set.

DC Icons Aquaman figure review - holding trident wideNaturally Aquaman’s trusty trident is included. I appreciate the size as it’s not overly massive and the forked end doesn’t look like he’s ready to flip some pancakes. It’s a snug fit in the open fist so be mindful of how you plug it in to avoid breakage.

But there’s one last accessory and it’s probably my favorite of the line so far. DCC went with some pretty cool out of the box thinking here and made an alternate head sculpt complete with telepathic wave simulating Aquaman communicating with the aquatic wildlife. I had to dip the base portion in hot water as it seemed like it would snap if I forced it in and it stayed snug. Since it’s just a hole in Aquaman’s head without it, I’m probably going to glue it in to avoid problems.

DC Icons Aquaman figure review - Justice League with Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Flash and Green Arrow

Worth it?  You can get him now for under $18. The Icons line costs more, but I always feel like DC Collectibles delivers with the dedicated sculpts and sensible accessories.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Aquaman is another winner for the Icons line. He’s a pair of swimmer hands and better neck articulation away from being arguably the most iconic version of the character yet.

DC Icons Aquaman figure review - side shot

Where to get it?  Online or at your local comic book store is the only way to get Icons at this point. Although this seems like the kind of line DCC would have success with in stores like FYE.