Mattel WCW Bash at the Beach 96 Elite three pack in stores now

Mattel managed to sneak out one last surprise for 2016 with an exclusive set no one saw coming. Considering it’s a Bash at the Beach 96 set that’s all too fitting.

Bash at the Beach 96 was one of WCW’s biggest moments as it marked the official beginning of the n.W.o.

Mattel commemorates that event with an Elite three pack featuring Lex Luger, Sting and Macho Man Randy Savage in their respective war paint.

I was most excited about Sting as this represents his look when he stopped dying his hair and the in-between phase of his transformation into Crow Sting. But upon further inspection the body looks to be the same ill-fitting one as the Great American Bash figure and that head/no neck? E-gads.

The Luger and Savage make for great variants and now we’re just one figure away from recreating this big event.

Ironically that’s not the still blackballed Hulk Hogan. The Hall of Fame Hulk Hogan works just fine. The Elite 16 Kevin Nash with a head swap of the Battle Pack Nash captures his look well enough for his appearance in the match.

So yeah Mattel, anytime you want to surprise us with a red and black Scott Hall that’d be awesome.

This set has already been spotted in Florida so be on the lookout in your area Wal-Marts.

Photo credit: bodyslamminent

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