Marvel Legends Thundra figure review – BAF Hulkbuster Iron Man wave

Thundra is another one of those pleasantly unexpected universe-fillers that’s become more of the norm for Marvel Legends’ third act. She’s not one of those characters that I had on my Top 30 or even Top 50 list, but that’s the beauty of this line. No corner of the Marvel Universe goes untouched.

With a higher profile courtesy of her role in the new Squadron Supreme title, Thundra’s presence in the ML is on the rise. Let’s see if her figure follows suit. 

Packaging:  Thundra shares packing with Valkyre. This means she gets a super generic bio and her in-action drawing is only on one side. There’s nothing new about the packaging, but she does fill out the blister card well to give the impression you’re getting your money’s worth.

Marvel Legends Thundra figure review -wide holding ball and chain

Likeness:  Thundra is fairly non-complicated as far as characters go. She doesn’t have 30 different costume options so getting her look down wasn’t going to be controversial for Hasbro.

The biggest difference between her slight costume variations is the lack of boot cuffs. Hardly an issue unless you’re discussing the ML10 Cyclops.

Marvel Legends Thundra figure review -with the Fantastic Four

I would have liked for her the rectangle pieces on her outfit to have been separate pieces as opposed to be painted on though. The paint job isn’t a problem, but it diminishes the overall look.

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Thundra has a terrific head sculpt with a great fierce expression. She looks like a warrior and not a foe anyone would take lightly. Even with that funky headpiece.

Marvel Legends Thundra figure review - scale with She-Hulk, Warbird and The Thing

Scale:  Fitting for her heavy-hitter stature, Thudra has a larger size body. She towers over most of the average sized Marvel Legends and looks the larger size guys like Thor and Hyperion in the eye.

Despite her size, Thundra has a firm center of balance and is stable enough so she won’t trigger a round of Figure Display Dominos.

Paint:  No flaws here. From the eyes, the chest pads and even the lightning style pants trim, everything turned out nice and sharp.

That’s very impressive considering the ease of bleeding potential with the bright red and gold paint scheme. All that Iron Man practice paid off.

Articulation:  As impressive as she looks, I wish Thundra had better articulation for dynamic physical poses. That great head sculpt comes with a price as the hair hampers the back and forth and left to right movement.

Marvel Legends Thundra figure review -arm articulation range

Thundra gets stuck with the old school elbow joint, which is far more restrictive than the more recent molds. That’s especially disappointing for a character known more as a brawler. Leg movement is hindered slightly thanks to the hips as well, but the double-jointed knees allow her to kneel — not like Thundra is the type of character who would submit to anyone.

Marvel Legends Thundra figure review - punching The Thing

Thundra has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  As with every figure in the wave, Thundra comes with a piece to build the Hulkbuster Iron Man. This is one of the more impressively-scaled of the recent BAFs and assembling it feels more along of the lines of the old Toy Biz BAFs.

Marvel Legends Thundra figure review -with chain wide

Additionally, she comes with her literal ball and chain. It’s a nice length and long enough to be a legitimate range weapon. Actual chain would have been cost prohibitive, but this works fine. The material is soft enough and can be held in either hand, which is helpful.

Worth it?  Act quick and you can get her for $9.81. Real hard to complain about getting a character of this quality for old school Marvel Legends prices even with the articulation limits.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

If she had more useful articulation, Thundra would be a home run. She’s a fringe character who’s this close from a great figure.

Marvel Legends Thundra figure review - ready to wrestle with The Thing

Where to get it?  Walgreens and Gamestop still have the set in stock in most stores, but your best option is Amazon.