Latest look at Woody Harrelson’s crazy ambitious Lost in London

Lost in London is an incredibly ambitious project. It will be the first feature-length film shot and broadcast live on Jan. 19.

We’ve seen NBC pull off several live musicals. Those are impressive, but they definitely benefit from commercial breaks and the ability to stage them like plays. Doing a feature film? That certainly seems a lot more challenging.


Harrelson (Now You See Me 2) is going to be busy as the writer, director and star of the film loosely based on actual events. Harrelson will be playing himself on an epic and unpredictable journey to return home to the United States. Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson will be joining Harrelson in this one of a kind project.

Will they be able to pull it off? I’m very curious so I’ve already got my ticket lined up with a review to find out. For everyone that complains everything in Hollywood is the same old, same old, Lost in London is the chance to see something completely different.

If it does work I’d be interested in seeing what other filmmakers would be up for the challenge. Maybe years from now some filmmaker will go the ultimate route and try and shoot a live action movie?

Sounds crazy, but Lost in London could be the start of an entirely new way to do and view movies. Immediately after the film, there will be a live Q&A.

To see if Lost in London is playing in a theater near you, check out the Fathom Entertainments website.

Photo Credit: Fathom Entertainment

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