Marvel Legends Valkyrie figure review BAF Hulkbuster Iron Man

While the Hulkbuster Iron Man wave had a heavy Iron Man focus, it also had a strong Defenders connection with two of the longtime members represented. Valkyrie is one of those characters I thought had a great costume and backstory. She might not have been a household name or be featured in cartoons or video games, but she fits right in on the misfit team like The Defenders.

Although Hasbro went with her more modern appearance I was excited about having an upgrade from one of Hasbro’s earliest Marvel Legends releases. Let’s see how she fares. 

Packaging:  The Marvel Legends packaging style is very basic. You see the figure, its accessories and the Build-A-Figure, but it’s not the most exciting on the market. I’m a huge fan of the drawing on the sides as it makes rifling through the shelves very easy.

Since she shares packaging with Thundra, Valkyrie only gets a drawing on one side. Hasbro really should devote just a little attention to the bio on the back. The basic writeup is so generic it offers nothing for folks unfamiliar with the character.

Likeness:  Hasbro tends to skew modern with the costume choice. To Marvel’s credit, the majority of the current costumes are a nice blend of modern attire sensibility while reflecting the classic outfits. Valkyrie’s outfit is a great example of that, but the flaring blue cape and strapped sandals would have been a more toy-etic figure.

Marvel Legends Valkyrie figure review - wide pose

The head sculpt is the highlight of the figure. Valkyrie has a take no nonsense sculpt and her hair braids look terrific. I wish the black bands along her arms and the gauntlets were sculpted. The effect is somewhat lost with it all being painted. Valkyrie’s belt is cool and I love how it hangs along her waist. I’m not overly familiar with this attire, but it seems like she should have some sort of sheath for her sword Dragonfang.

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Marvel Legends Valkyrie figure review - Secret Avengers Beast, Moon Knight, Steve Rogers and Nova

Scale:  Initially, Valkyrie was portrayed slightly smaller than her male counterparts, but she’s been sized up in recent years to more Amazonian proportions. This figure adheres to that perspective so she’s taller than the regular size characters like Black Knight or Doctor Strange.

Paint:  Valkyrie’s outfit is a little bland since it’s mostly black, but the detail paint work is largely solid. The silver studs on her belt are very well done as are her silver chest circles. Her hair slightly obscures her right eye to the point it makes it appear there’s some paint issues there. That’s not the case, but the illusion kept throwing me off.

There’s a slight wash in her hair to help bring out the details, which is always a touch I appreciate.

Articulation:  Valkyrie uses the same body as Thundra. That body has conveys a strong and imposing woman, but the trade-off is slightly restricted articulation.

Marvel Legends Valkyrie figure review - ready for battle

Valkyrie is a character I’d actually envision doing a side kick. As with all female figures, that won’t work too well due to the hips. The biggest articulation annoyance is with her elbows since they lack double joints and the range is limited. That’s frustrating for brawler characters and particularly one that uses a sword.

Marvel Legends Valkyrie figure review - kneeling

Valkyrie has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  Valkyrie clearly wasn’t going to come packed with her winged horse Aragorn. Her most essential accessory, her sword Dragonfang is included. It looks nice.

This won’t be winning any accessory of the year award, but it gets the job done. I wish the hilt were a touch longer to allow for Valkyrie to grip it easier with both hands.

The lure for a lot of folks though is the Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure piece. Valkyrie contains the right arm.

Marvel Legends Valkyrie figure review - The Hulk, Doctor Strange and Namor Defenders

Worth it?  Valkyrie’s height helps offset that lack of extras, but that’s not especially exciting. Valkyrie isn’t one of those figures whose value leaps out at you. If you’re interested in building Hulkbuster she’s a better deal. Otherwise she might be one of those instances where you wish she was $3 or $5 cheaper than the standard $20 Marvel Legends price.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Marvel Legends Valkyrie figure review - time for the fight

Where to find it?  Walgreens and Gamestop have continued to stock the line. They’re your best retail option, but at this point, going Amazon is the more guaranteed route.