Figures Toy Company debuts Legends of Professional Wrestling Wave 1

Figures Toy Company is making RA style fans some legendary additions to their roster. Wave 1 of the Legends of Professional Wrestling Series is now available.

One of the biggest omissions of Jakks Classic Superstars line was not getting a Jim Cornette figure done. True, Jakks did get out a terrific Midnight Express set, but you’ve gotta have their mouthpiece.

Fortunately, FTC is fixing that oversight with a terrific looking Cornette figure complete with colorful attire and removable glasses. Not including his infamous tennis racket seems like an odd move though.

Figures Toy Company Legends of Professional Wrestling- New Jack

Joining Cornette is the Original Gangsta New Jack. Gangstas figures were major wants for my Jakks collection and now we’re just a Mustafa away from completing one of wrestling’s most hardcore tag teams.

You’ll need to get your own plunder and various assorted weapons to include with New Jack. I really like that head sculpt as it really captured New Jack well.

Figures Toy Company Legends - Blue Meanie

Continuing the ECW theme is The Blue Meanie. Jakks never did give us a true old school ECW Stevie Richards so hopefully he’s also on FTC’s radar as well.

Meanie looks pretty good. I was worried about the classic/modern hybrid Meanie requested for his figure’s look, but it turned out very well.

Figures Toy Company Legends - PJ Polaco

Wrapping up the set is PJ Polcao better known to wrestling fans as Justin Credible. It doesn’t seem like Mattel is all that interested in doing a lot of classic ECW stars so FTC might be the best outlet to further boost an old school ECW roster.