WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review Then Now Forever Series 1

Tyler Breeze is one of those wrestlers who probably won’t ever headline Wrestlemania. Even in the smaller pond that was NXT, Breeze didn’t have that obvious It Factor. Regardless, he was one of the more entertaining acts simply because he had some semblance of a character.

I’ve been on an NXT stars review kick lately and finally decided to break out my Wal-Mart exclusive Elite version of Prince Pretty. Let’s see how fabulous this figure is or it warrants a ticket from the WWE’s resident fashion police.

Packaging:  Just like Target’s Hall of Fame line, the Then Now Forever series mixes up the regular Elite packaging for the better. I’m a big fan of the white, silver and red color scheme. Most lines use black and some color accents so this line really stands out on shelves.

In keeping with the TNF theme, Breeze gets compared as a modern day version of Shawn Michaels. I get wanting to draw some comparisons with Mr. Wrestlemania, but a fairer one would be to Rick ‘The Model’ Martel.

WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review - striking a pose

Likeness:   Breeze is infamous for his terrific facial expressions. He does a fantastic job conveying that ‘I’m too sexy for this crowd’ attitude. Mattel did an excellent job with the head sculpt as it perfectly captures the essence of the character. Breeze is definitely a character that needed a smirk more than a neutral expression and Mattel really pulled it off. This is one of my favorite head sculpts of the entire line.


WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review - full accessories

Mattel hasn’t always been able to get boot tassels to look right, but they’re nice and full here.

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WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review - scale with Neville, Sami Zayn and Finn Balor

Scale:  Breeze is 6’, putting him right at the same height as Sami Zayn and a smidge taller than the 5’8” Neville and 5’11” Finn Balor. Breeze’s figure is right in line with his actual height despite Balor throwing off the scale oh so slightly.

WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review -ponytail

Paint:  The paint job isn’t very complex here save the strips along Breeze’s legs and the belt. There weren’t any problems with the strips, but the belt doesn’t quite line up correctly in the back. Not a major problem although it’s something Mattel should be on top off in having paint replace actual pieces like a belt.  

I really dig the navy blue and Carolina blue combination. It looks really striking and makes Breeze stand out on the shelf.

WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review -double knee smash to Neville

Articulation:  Breeze gets the regular Elite articulation. That’s great for an all-around wrestler and there weren’t many of his moves I couldn’t pull off. Granted, the Elite articulation scheme would benefit from the shoulders being able to move inward and a bit more range with the hips, but this is pretty good for wrestling figures.

Breeze has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  Breeze only needed two and Mattel delivered strongly on both. I’m not always a fan of plastic clothing, but this was the best way to handle Breeze’s fur vest. Mattel used a softer material than normal so it’s fairly easy to put on and off. I wish there were a way to incorporate the hood, but it is sculpted on and not ignored entirely.

WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review - lifting up selfie stick

Just as importantly, Breeze comes with his fur wrapped bedazzled selfie stick. This is probably my favorite weapon/accessory in a while just for the sheer obnoxious nature of an accessorized selfie stick.

WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review - wide shot

Worth it?  Like all of the first series TNF figures, Breeze is becoming tricky to find for a decent price as the going rate is now a little over $30. I’m pretty sure Mattel will eventually crank out a new Elite figure but there’s no guarantee when.

Rating: 10 out of 10

WWE Elite Tyler Breeze figure review - checking out selfie stick

Where to get it?  The TNF line is a Wal-Mart exclusive so maybe you’ll get lucky and your store still has some around. Otherwise you’ll need to head online.