The Flash: Dead or Alive review S3, Episode 11

Despite HR Wells’ best efforts, The Flash has been trending darker and a little too serious for its own good. Dead or Alive brought back a much needed lighter tone that mostly got away from the heavier Iris is gonna die subplot to have a little fun.

It’s probably not a coincidence that lighter tone was a result of a more Cisco and Wells focused episode. And the official debut of a fully costumed Vibe. Gypsy (Jessica Camacho, Sleepy Hollow), an Earth-19 bounty hunter of sorts arrived to bring Wells back since multidimensional traveling is a major no-no.

Of all the ways for Wells to get discovered, it made the most sense — in a Wells’ way — for him to get busted for broadcasting his heroic adventures on Earth-1.

The Flash Dead or Alive - Gypsy and HR Wells

The Flash show runners have always steered to more ‘real-life’ interpretations of the comic characters, but in Gypsy’s case it seemed especially off the mark. In the comics, Gypsy is a lower-level hero with more illusion based powers. With the right creative hands, that’s a cool power, but this version of Gypsy was more like the Earth-19 Vibe. That seemed a missed opportunity. But maybe Team Flash just hasn’t found this Earth’s version of Gypsy yet?

Naturally Cisco was smitten and tried to work a date out while defending HR. Cisco has a thing for bad girls, but there was definitely some noticeable chemistry with Carlos Valdes and Camacho. Hopefully she will return at some point this season.

While a small moment, I loved how Vibe and Gypsy’s dimension battle took them to Supergirl’s Earth and Catco in front of a very flustered Eve Teschmacher. These universes are connected so why not do that more often?

The Flash Dead or Alive - Iris and Wally

It was great to see Iris doing something that didn’t revolve around Barry, Joe or flamed out love interests. Nope, we got a glimpse at Iris the investigative reporter and it was a good look. With the extended Team Flash family, we hadn’t gotten a lot of opportunities to see Iris and Wally work together. That Joe distraction scene was really funny.

And with a life expectancy of three months, Iris doesn’t have any problem taking a more riskier approach to reporting.

I wasn’t sure how Julian was going to fit into the Team Flash mix, but his complete lack of bedside manner fills the void left from Harry Wells. Dead or Alive was so much fun it didn’t matter that Barry was largely in a supporting role this week.

The Flash Dead or Alive - Kid Flash and Cisco

More importantly, after seeing his allies do just fine without him, Barry now thinks Wally is the key to defeating Savitar.  And as history indicates there’s no way a Flash plan can backfire … right?

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW