NECA debuts Ultimate Jason Voorhees action figure from Friday the 13th Part 4

As far as classic horror movie villains go, it’s hard to top Jason Voorhees. Recognizing the iconic hockey masked wearing killer, NECA is releasing an Ultimate Jason figure.

The ultimate collector’s version is based on based on Jason’s appearance from Friday the 13 Part 4: The Final Chapter. Ironically, the series had a lot more installments left after The Final Chapter.

Regardless, collectors probably won’t need another version after getting this Ultimate Jason.

According to NECA, the figure features improved tooling for the mask production and a slew of new accessories. There’s even the option of displaying Jason with the machete in the side of his head.

Ultimate Jason is 7” with over 25 articulation points. Accessory wise, he comes with two masks, two interchangeable head sculpts, knife, corkscrew, tombstone, hacksaw, cleaver, machete and axe.

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Not to shortchange Camp Crystal Lake’s most infamous camper, Jason has a deluxe package with front window flap featuring the original one-sheet movie poster art.

Ultimate Jason is set for release in June.

Photo Credit: NECA