DC Comics reviews for 2/8/17 – Justice League of America, Detective Comics

Suicide Squad #11

Suicide Squad #11 cover

Although lasting longer than I expected, Jim Lee is off Suicide Squad as the regular artist. Good thing DC has a suitable legendary replacement in John Romita Jr. The new era of Suicide Squad continues to shock readers thanks to some unexpected twists and over the top action.

There is a dramatic shift in the art style so the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad tie-in issues helped ease the transition. Writer Rob Williams immediately tosses Romita to the deep end with an action-packed opening act. Williams doesn’t make the issue especially easy for newcomers who might be intrigued following the crossover. Fortunately, Williams continues to follow up with story threads from the crossover instead of brushing them away for a later story arc.

Romita will likely be a divisive choice to follow Lee thanks to his blocky, style. But as usual, it’s the character interplay that makes the title so entertaining.

Suicide Squad #11 interior art

With Lee off the book it was surprising to see the same two stories in one issue format continue. While Romita handles the first half, Eddy Barrows picks up the companion story. Unlike the previous secondary stories, this largely just continued the story. Barrows wasn’t the best choice of backup artists as his work is cleaner and more realistic than Romita’s work.

This is a new look for the Suicide Squad, but it remains an unpredictable and exciting read. With some big cliffhangers in both stories, I’m looking forward to what Williams has in store next.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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