Justice League/Power Rangers #2 review

Justice League/Power Rangers #2 sticks to the golden rule of superhero crossovers that before they join forces, the teams must fight. In this case, sticking with what works actually works very well thanks to the creative team fully appreciating the strengths of both teams.

Last issue teased the conflict and this time, it’s a pure Justice League/Power Rangers showdown. On paper, the Justice League should wipe out the Power Rangers, but writer Tom Taylor refuses to shortchange them. Taylor smartly unfolds the battle by slowly introducing more and more Leaguers to the fight.

By using superior teamwork and continually surprising the League members with their full array of skills and resources, the Rangers stay on even footing … until Superman and Wonder Woman arrive. Taylor works in some impressive characterization with the Rangers’ reaction to Batman, Flash patiently assessing the Rangers and Superman politely trying to end the fight. All the characters sound right

This is the kind of epic showdown Stephen Byrne has been building for with his recent work in DC. Byrne’s animated style is vibrant, lively and full of charm. Byrne uses warm and bright colors for his art making for a great visual presentation.

Taylor also introduces Lord Zedd’s villainous DC counterpart. In hindsight, that character was foreshadowed nicely in issue 1 despite being prominently featured in another DC title.

Fans of either team should be all over this crossover. It’s meeting expectations and delivering a high-quality team-up of two of pop culture’s biggest groups. And for fans of both, this is the team-up you never knew you needed to see until reading this crossover.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics