DC Icons Firestorm figure review – Wave 4 DC Collectibles

Some characters get all the luck. Think of a bad Firestorm figure. Go ahead, I’ll wait. The DC Icons version from DC Collectibles won’t be breaking the trend either. I got this figure a while ago, but held off on reviewing it since I knew we were in for a prolonged DC Icons drought. Time for another fix so let’s see if this figure lights my fire.  

Packaging:  Firestorm is No. 16 in the Icons line. I could definitely see MOC collectors enjoying this line. I love the predominantly white and character appropriate accent color. This time we get a yellow orange accent. I still wish DCC would do more with the package back like some form of character bio.

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - accessories in tray

The accessories are snugly secured under plastic trays, but you’ll need a pair of tiny scissors to free the figure. I’m not a fan of this as you run the risk of damaging the figure.

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - arms out

Likeness:  I’m a Super Powers guy so my preference is always puffy sleeves. While we got a modern version based on The Trinity War, the great thing about Firestorm is he’s got such a clearly understood definitive look that creators don’t change up the design too dramatically.

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The newer, modern details like the panel lining aren’t necessary, but they don’t ruin the overall look. You know right away this is Firestorm. As always, DCC doesn’t take any painting shortcuts and sculpts all the unique costume details. That’s what makes the wait between waves so unbearably long, but the end result is really worth it.

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - with The Flash

Scale:  For such an early line, the Icons scale has been far too inconsistent. Firestorm is the new big man on campus as he’s right around the same height as a Marvel Legends figure. I’m going to chalk this up to Firestorm being a composite of two men, but I’d like more consistency in this category going forward. Also, going to need a Superman that doesn’t have to look up at Firestorm.

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - Justice League

Paint:  Here’s where Firestorm really shines. In my Lex Luthor review, I complained that DCC gave him very underwhelming paint applications. That’s not the case with Firestorm thanks to his striking paint job. DCC used more of a shiny red to compliment the pearlescent yellow.

Like the other mask-less figures, Firestorm has that weird eye paint application. In his case, it doesn’t look bad and makes sense for a Nuclear Man to have a hazy eye effect.

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - on one knee

Articulation:  The Icons articulation scheme is so close to being ideal. It’s the usual suspects — neck doesn’t allow the head to go back and forth enough, lack of thigh swivels and missing waist articulation — that hold it back from its full potential.

Firestorm has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - nuclear blasts hands up

Accessories:  Firestorm comes with an open set of hands and a nuclear blast. Both are translucent, which is a nice effect.

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - instructions

Instead of fiddling with clip on parts, DCC engineered the nuclear blasts to plug into the forearm pegs and the translucent hands plug into them. It works well and despite my initial apprehension thanks to some shaky DCC quality control, I didn’t have any problems.

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - aiming nuclear blasts

Worth it?  More people are starting to come around on this line. And Firestorm seems to be the hot figure of Wave 4 at around $25. I’ll also consider the Icons to be a couple dollars higher than necessary, but based on the individual sculpting and lack of reuse, I’m more inclined to see that as a fair trade off.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Firestorm represents the best of what the DC Icons line can be and is a very encouraging sign for the line going forward.

DC Icons Firestorm figure review - wide pic

Where to get it?  Check your local comic book stores first. If they’re not a viable option, go the online route like Entertainment Earth or Amazon.com.

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