Shane McMahon, Berserker, Scott Hall lined up for WWE Elite 50, 51

There’s been a slew of rumors about upcoming WWE figures and now Mattel has finally opened the gates with new pre-orders.

Elite 49 remained unchanged from the rumors. That lineup is:

WWE SDCC 2016 reveals - Brutus Beefcake Elite 49 full

  • Apollo Crews
  • Becky Lynch
  • Big Cass
  • Brutus The Barber Beefcake
  • Enzo
  • Legend Killer Randy Orton

Now, Mattel announced the official Elite 50 roster and it could have some real potential depending on attire and era choices.

Elite 50

-Shane McMahon
-Stephanie McMahon
-John Cena
-Baron Corbin

If you remember, Warlord was part of the WWE concussion suit. Mattel previously said wrestlers on that suit were off limits for figures so I’m not sure what’s up on that front. Hopefully, this opens up the door for more of those guys like Sabu, Shane Douglas, Butch Reed and Koko B. Ware.

I’m curious about the Shane McMahon. In all likelihood this is going to be a modern version, but I’d love a Corporation version. Not sure why we’d need a new Stephanie McMahon Elite. Again, she’d be a better choice as a Flashback preferably from her SMH era. Although that would just draw more attention to the absence of a 2000-era Triple H.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

On the Basic front, new Battle Packs are ready for ordering. For impatient folks, the most important names on the list is easily Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows. But the rest of the set is pretty good too. I’m definitely interested in the Maryse and Miz pack.

Battle Pack Series 46

-Shane McMahon/Ambrose

Those are the announced pre-orders, but a new lineup for Elite 51 is on the rumor mill. That one has some intriguing names and some necessary Flashbacks.

Elite 51

-Sami Zayn
-AJ Styles
-Roman Reigns
-Scott Hall
-Mankind (New Generation)

I’m going to go nuts if this isn’t a proper red and black 96-97 nWo era Scott Hall. I’m curious what changes are in store from the Mankind since the Amazon exclusive figure pretty effectively covered his New Generation look. Berserker is a fun addition and another essential figure to having the full roster from the 1992 Royal Rumble.

Battle Pack Series 47 is also rumored, but not yet officially announced. That set includes.

the hart foundation
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