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WWE Elite Goldberg, robed Macho Man figures on display at Toy Fair 2017

We got our first look at some of Mattel’s new WWE Elite figures at New York Toy Fair including some nice surprises. It wasn’t a huge surprise given Mattel’s willingness to make figures of anyone on TV. But Toy Fair provided our first glimpse of a Mattel WWE Elite Goldberg.

Also not surprising — Mattel went modern for the Elite Goldberg as opposed to the classic version most folks were hoping to see. That’s a weird choice considering most collectors, including me, likely wanted a Flashback version to battle their nWo figures. And even weirder since Goldberg has only wrestled twice.


More impressive though as maybe the last Macho Man figure I’ll need for my collection. This is finally a figure worthy of the Defining Moments tag as we’ve got Macho Man in all his robe wearing glory. And even better, this version appears to have a new headsculpt. I know. I’m as shocked as you. [Check out the review of the Defining Moments Randy Savage]


We got more pics of the Elite 50 figures. Rhyno’s hairpiece looks goofy. I do like the Smackdown tag titles. He’ll be worth grabbing if for no other reason than those titles.

Shane McMahon is solid for a modern version. That makes sense, despite my Flashback preference, but hopefully that version is on Mattel’s radar.


Warlord is in his solo attire. That’s great as I need a big guy to battle my Texas Tornado and British Bulldog figures from that 1990-1991 era. His accessories look really solid as well. All around absolutely no complaints with him.On the modern front, Baron Corbin looks amazing. Not that I was considering grabbing his Basic figure, but this looks to be one of the better Elite modern figures this year.

Elite 50 Warlord and Baron Corbin