Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2017: Fantastic Four, A-Force, Mary Jane, Sinister Six set

Hasbro’s theme for the Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2017 reveals was a little something for everyone. From current to classic to cinematic and in a variety of sizes, every fan had something to be happy about.

Sure we could all gripe out our favorite costume choices not getting selected this time, but as some reveals indicated, a little patience could go a long way.

Marvel Legends 6″

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming out, they were clearly going to be a focus for figures this year. Wave 1 was revealed last year and has begun to appear in some stores and online retailers. Wave 2 looks promising. I really like the inclusion of the alternate Magus head sculpt to provide a comic ready adversary for the Guardians and other cosmic heroes.

Here’s the Adam Warlock review.

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Mantis being the Build-A-Figure is an odd move. This definitely gives incentive for movie collectors, but I doubt this will convince many comic book fans to buy in to the entire wave.


Spider-Man: Homecoming results in some movie figures being added to the evergreen Spidey line. I was really hoping for an old school Moon Knight instead of the modern attire. I love Tombstone and the classic Beetle. I’m curious how Hasbro’s strategy of making Vulture’s wings the Build-A-Vehicle will work out.

Homecoming also gets a pair of two-packs. I love the sneaky method of working in the Ultimate Iron Man into the line in this manner. Too bad it’s still on that old outdated body.

While I doubted Hasbro could top the outstanding Toy Biz version, it was disappointing to see an Ultimate Vulture included in a two-pack.

Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2017 - SPD Vulture 2PK_Vulture and Spiderman

The more promising two-pack though featured a 6″ Mary Jane. She marks the first straight up civilian figure — not including SHIELD characters to make it into the line. Hopefully she won’t be the only one. You can check out my review of the set here.

I really like that Hasbro went with the current Spider-Man costume for this two-pack so we’re not getting the same figure over and over.

We got a tease of likely the first figure in the Thor: Ragnarok line with the Jane Foster Thor. The figure looks good and gets collectors close to knocking out another Avengers team. I already like the Jane figure for having bicep swivels, something that’s lacking in too many of the female figures.

Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2017 - THOR_JANE FOSTER_6_INCH_LEGENDS

Netflix wave

Daredevil, The Punisher, Jessica Jones and Elektra are the revealed characters so far, but Hasbro didn’t share details on the BAF. Maybe we’ll learn that figure’s identity closer to San Diego Comic Con?

Fantastic Four

We’d seen Invisible Woman already and it was great seeing another member of the Fantastic Four. The Human Torch gets the call and his figure looks pretty good. I’m hoping Hasbro can also figure out a way to release a flamed-off Johnny Storm as well.


Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2017 - TRU_6 Inch Legends A Force

In an out of nowhere reveal, an A-Force box set exclusive to Toys R Us was shown. This pack includes Pulse, Singularity, Lady Loki, Bloodstone, Sif and She-Hulk. The latter is likely to definitely help sell the set and I’m excited to add her and Sif to the collection for sure. A-Force has been a pretty enjoyable title so it’s nice to see Hasbro taking a big chance on a box set without a dude in sight.

Marvel Legends 12″

We knew Deadpool was coming. And earlier, Hasbro revealed promo pics of Thor and Hulk.

The newest reveal was a Symbiote Spider-Man with a pretty cool alternate head sculpt. I don’t have these figs, but I like what Hasbro is doing with this revised 12″ series.


Marvel Legends 3 3/4″

I’m very jealous of folks who still collect the 3 3/4 line. The Sinister Six box set features classic versions of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven, Vulture and Mysterio. And the classic old school packaging is a nice bonus.

There’s also a new set of Guardians of the Galaxy. The big lure here is an alternate Star-Lord head and a near matching set of Guardians with a clothed Groot.

Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2017 - TRU_GOTG_3.75IN_LEGENDS_TEAM_5PK

Looks like it’s going to be a pretty expensive year. Best to start saving up for it now.

Image Credit: Hasbro