McFarlane Toys releasing 5 inch scale Negan and Glenn set and Sasha

While not a full-fledged revival, McFarlane Toys is delivering one of the most requested characters to its The Walking Dead 5-inch line. Negan and Lucille get the deluxe Treatment along with Glenn. 

There’s only so many options for the 5″ line on life support so I’m thrilled with this choice. While I’d love to see a Sasha or Rosita packed with Negan since neither has been made, Glenn makes the most sense here.

EDIT: Spoke too soon as Sasha is coming as the next Walgreens exclusive figure. Walgreens has really been the retailer that keeps on giving for collectors. I’m thrilled with this news. Sasha is one of the more intriguing characters on the show to me. And she’s been a great character. Now, I kinda feel bad for not getting the Bob figure…

Negan looks great with a tremendous likeness to Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Glenn has a very good likeness to Steven Yeun too.

McFarlane Toys still doesn’t want to go all the way back into a 5″ line, but if this sells we could be in line for more figures.

And for 10-inch collectors, here’s a look at the 10 inch Negan in mid swing.

Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys