The Flash: Attack on Gorilla City review S3, Ep. 13

My expectations were probably too high, but Attack on Gorilla City was disappointing. The Flash has become too reliant on the speedster villains so it’s especially meaningful when a non-speedster gets a showcase. With the first chapter of a two-part mini-arc, The Flash went way off course.

Tom Cavanagh is terrific, but he makes for a lousy CGI gorilla stand-in. Yes, Gorilla Grodd can take control and speak through people. That’s not the issue. The problem is the ill-advised stunt of having Grodd speak through Harry and Cisco felt more like budget restraints than a cool storytelling device.


The episode got off to a bad start. After she arrived from Earth-2 to get reinforcements to rescue Harry, Barry benched her. Clearly that was so Jesse and Wally could work on their ‘it’s complicated’ relationship status, but that made no sense. And it was a ridiculous double standard from Barry after he agreed to train Wally. Jesse is the lone speedster on her Earth, but Barry wants to keep her out of harm’s way all of a sudden?

While I liked the Wally/Jesse dynamic earlier this season, their scenes here felt like unnecessary CW romance drama. It also would have helped if the writers remembered Wally and Jesse were doing the long distance thing.

For the lack of Grodd face time, Gorilla City looked impressive. And having Keith David voice King Solivar was a solid casting move as well.

The Flash Attack on Gorilla City review - Caitlin and Barry

Besides sporting an impressive Indiana Jones starter kit, Julian didn’t serve a huge purpose tagging along. He doesn’t need to be another jokey character since H.R. has that covered. I’m not overly fond of pushing this Julian/Caitlin romance either as I want Caitlin to have a storyline that doesn’t involve a relationship.

Grodd tricking Flash to fight King Solivar in the Geonosis Arena was clever. The fight had some nice moments, but it was annoying that Cisco had to use his strangely not confiscated cell phone to tell Barry how to beat Solivar. Occasionally, it’s not a bad thing for Flash to figure out how to take care of the bad guys on his own.

The escape from Gorilla City played out a little too easy. Why wouldn’t Grodd have gorilla guards watching Team Flash? Seems like a waste of all that power to have incompetent staff hanging around.

The big twist at the end with Gypsy apparently fine with sending gorillas to invade Earth-1 was weird. Hopefully she’s just under Grodd’s spell. Otherwise, she’s a pretty lousy justice warrior on her Earth. And why didn’t Grodd just reach out to her in the first place if it was that easy?

The Flash Attack on Gorilla City review - Gorilla Grodd

Attack on Gorilla City never quite came together. It played out too much like a standard episode. And with a trip to a city populated by gorillas, the last thing this episode needed to do was seem like every other week. Hopefully things will pick up with Grodd and his invasion.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW