Legends of Tomorrow: Camelot/3000 review S2 Ep. 12

More than most episodes this season, Camelot/3000 needed the Legends to act sillier than usual. After a number of very strong episodes, Legends is bumbling back to its old goofy tricks.

The title was a play on the DC series Camelot 3000 with a futuristic Arthur and his Knights. Legends should venture to the future more often to shake up the formula. There’s only so many times the team can meet historical figures and cause chaos with complete disregard for the time stream.

Rip was closing in on grabbing all the fractured parts of the Spear of Destiny. Apparently Rip hid the fragments with the Justice Society. The timeline on this didn’t fully gibe. Was this after Amaya left the team after Thawne killed Hourman looking for the Spear? And why has Amaya been getting grief from her fellow JSA members if they were all in various time periods?


Stargirl (Sarah Grey) was stationed in Camelot guarding a fragment she placed in Excalibur. Now Rip and Damien Darhk were coming to collect it. To make their job easier, Rip has a device to make King Arthur (Nils Hognestad) and some of his knights compliant.

This motivated Ray to step up and become a knight to help Camelot. Once Amaya got the fragment this should have been a wrap. For some reason, the team was fine indulging Ray’s silly role play fantasy. Amaya was right to call Sara out for not stopping Rip when they had the chance. It cost Dr. Midnight his life and the team was lucky no one else got killed.

It’s gotten frustrating how often Stein and Jax are sidelined simply so Firestorm doesn’t drastically tip the scales in fights. That would be true if the show bothered to develop his transmutation abilities, but a glorified flame thrower? Hardly the biggest game changer.

Stein was back to playing comic relief in a battle of wits with Mick to override Rip’s mind control. Legends is weird in there’s no strong male character. They’re all goofs or nerds. It’s no wonder the Legion of Doom and HEEL Rip are so much more entertaining.

Legends-of-Tomorrow-Camelot-3000-review -Sara and Guinevevere

Just as annoying is Sara triggering her superpower to make every woman she’s remotely in to a lesbian. Even James Bond got rejected occasionally. And besides Amaya and Courtney has there been a woman this season Sara hasn’t wanted? There’s no point to these scenes between getting teens excited about mild girl on girl action and it undercuts the tone of Sara’s portrayal as this bada$$ assassin leader. This week’s target was Guinevere (Elyse Levesque) as Sara also loves being a homewrecker.

For the plot logic issues, the fight scenes were well staged. I wasn’t expecting a Game of Thrones level set piece, but for a show constantly working around its budget, this was a good fight scene. Although logically, the Legends should be using their powers since they shouldn’t be on the same level as knights, ninjas, etc. The battle with Ray and Darhk looked particularly strong.

It didn’t make a lot of sense for Darhk to abandon Rip at this point. All he had to do was lift Rip on his horse. This wasn’t a case where Rip had constantly screwed up and Darhk needed to make an example out of him. Instead, it just seemed a convenient way to put Rip in the Legends’ custody.

Camelot was one of this season’s roughest episodes, which comes at a weird time as we’re approaching the home stretch.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW