100 proof Get Out tops box office with $30.5 million debut

Get Out topped the box office thanks to rising audience interest and a rare critical occurrence.

Currently, Get Out is rated 100 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s just not something that happens … pretty much ever.

Citizen Kane is one of the rare films to earn the coveted 100 percent, but that’s from a much smaller sample size of 73 critics. Ditto for Toy Story, which earned 100 percent with 78 critics.

That Get Out accomplished the same feat with 134 critic votes is even more impressive. And to see a mainstream film survive the opening weekend at 100 percent fresh rarely happens. Toy Story 2 last managed that with 163 critics.

Granted, there’s probably going to be some critic to post a rotten review just to be that guy and to drive traffic to their website. One brave critic gave The Godfather a negative review while five turned their noses at The Empire Strikes Back. And four heartless critics gave Toy Story 3 a negative rating. Utter Madness.

Coming in at second place was The Lego Batman Movie with $18.7 million. It’s now earned $133 million.

John Wick Chapter 2 review - John and the dog

John Wick Chapter 2 came in third with $9 million. The second time around has proven much more profitable for the Keanu Reeves comeback vehicle.

It’s earned $74 million domestically and already has brought in $100 million worldwide. The original film ended its worldwide run at $88 million. Most impressive Mr. Wick.

In fourth place, The Great Wall brought in $8.7 million to take its total to $34 million. Good enough for the lead in the competition of mostly costly bomb of 2017. There’s no chance this Matt Damon film comes close to matching its $150 million budget. 

Fifty Shades Darker brings up the rear with $7.7 million. That’s helped the erotic drama to top the $100 million mark.