The Walking Dead: Hostiles and Calamities review S7 Ep. 11

Hostiles and Calamities was essentially The Walking Dead’s conceding the night to The Academy Awards. Given the way that night played out, that was probably the right call. No need to waste anything important when all anyone would be talking about the next day was the Oscars flub.

Every episode he’s featured the writers spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to elicit some sympathy for Dwight. And every episode he does something weasely to make that sympathy unwarranted. Setting the doctor up for an impromptu cremation was definitely not cool.


This week, Dwight was punished for Daryl escaping. And Sherry turned up missing too. Negan did not take kindly to one of his favorite wives fleeing the camp. Dwight has proven to be an enigma on this season. He embodies The Walking Dead mindset, doing whatever he can to survive seemingly detached from any and all emotion. Turns out Sherry was responsible for flipping Dwight’s switch, but she’s not sticking around to continue watching him die a little more each day. That was an interesting development, but it doesn’t make him an interesting character.

As entertaining as he can be in certain situations, Eugene’s adventures as The Saviors’ compound was hardly must-see TV. We’ve seen The Saviors dump on an Alexandrite before and that was with the far more interesting Daryl. There was no chance Eugene wouldn’t roll over like a puppy.

The Walking Dead Hostiles and Calamities - Dwight

Like Dwight, Eugene is no hero. He’s a survivor. So it wasn’t surprising he sized up the situation and quickly learned to adapt. He did that with Abraham when he needed a mission objective.

Eugene is flexible enough to know his limitations. His indoctrination into Savior society wasn’t all that interesting as a result. It would have been interesting to see if Eugene is merely following along or if he’s ditched his Alexandria loyalties since Negan is on the winning side. Besides, it’s not like Rick ever got him video games and three women hanging out in his room.


Give Eugene credit for recognizing Negan’s wives were only palling around for self-serving interests. Guess it takes an expert BS artist to know when someone else is trying to con him? Jeffrey Dean Morgan has largely been given a break since the midseason break so his Negan shtick was entertaining again. Negan isn’t the deepest character so keeping him as the omnipresent threat is better than trotting him out every episode just for kicks.

Hostiles and Calamities was a standard filler episode. It was one you could skip and not miss anything of any consequence. With only five episodes this season left this season, TWD really can’t afford more meaningless episodes. If the war against The Saviors is being held off for next year at least we need to see more momentum going forward.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC