DC Comics reviews for 3/1/17

Batman #18

Batman #18 cover

I’ve gotta wonder if Tom King and David Finch aren’t feeling themselves right now. Did they have that feeling that they just killed it with Batman #18? Because believe me, they killed it with Batman #18.

Last issue Bane captured a slew of Batman’s allies, including Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon. Bane wants to deal — Batman can save them in exchange for Psycho Pirate. When Batman refuses, Bane reacts … poorly.

King constantly has incorporated stories within the stories to his ‘I Am’ run. This was the most effective as he explored the similar starting points and development of Batman and Bane.

Batman #18 interior art

Not to be outdone, Finch once again delivered some tremendous work. Finch draws Bane in a way that he looks like he’d batter people with every move. This issue isn’t about the threat of Bane, but him as a force of nature compared to the rest of Batman’s Rogues.

Jordie Bellaire’s colors wonderfully complement the mayhem throughout the flashback sequences and character appropriate modern day color schemes.

Batman has been amazing since the I Am Bane arc began. Each issue keeps surpassing the last. King has firmly settled into this gig and delivering outstanding work and Finch is meeting that challenge on each page for a great and all too quick read.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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