DC Comics reviews for 3/1/17

Green Arrow #18

Green Arrow #18 cover

It’s the sidekick reunion readers have been waiting for as Roy Harper returns to the fold.

Writer Benjamin Percy largely uses the issue to catch readers up on Roy’s tenure with Green Arrow. That’s been a time period that didn’t get a lot of attention back in the early days of the New 52. Readers only knew Oliver and Roy teamed for awhile and it ended poorly so it’s good to see the origin of that team-up.

Percy adds some fun wrinkles to their partnership, providing a logical explanation as to why Green Arrow would use trick arrows. Beyond the flashbacks, Roy is traveling to the Cascade Pipeline to join a protest. I love that Percy keeps the title so topical with current hot button issues like the Dakota Pipeline. Green Arrow has always been a social crusading hero and that spirit carries over to the Rebirth era wonderfully.

Green Arrow #18 interior art

The only downside was neither regular artists Otto Schmidt or Juan Ferreyra tackled this important chapter of the title. Eleanor Carlini fills in to handle this arc. Carlini’s art is OK, but not up to the regular standards of the book. That’s particularly noticeable on the character facial expressions and occasional stiff posing.

Besides the at times rough art, this was another enjoyable Green Arrow adventure. It should be very interesting to see what Percy has in store following the surprising reunion of Oliver and Roy.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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