DC Comics reviews for 3/1/17

Justice League #16

Justice League #16 variant cover

One thing for sure about Justice League is it’s never looked better. Fernando Pasarin is easily the best artist to come around on the title since it’s Rebirth kickoff. Colorist Brad Anderson appears to relish the chance to tackle the challenge of optimizing Pasarin’s highly detailed work. There’s a vibrancy and energy that’s been missing on the title as various artists gave it a spin. Pasarin’s art can absolutely be a selling point for readers. With a slight improvement on his facial structure work, Pasarin could legit be one of DC’s best.

Even writer Bryan Hitch seems inspired. Hitch still sticks with his formula of slowly unraveling a mystery, but this time the premise is far more engaging. The League is in various points of time charged with stopping a destructive event that will eradicate the time stream.

Justice League #16 interior art

Hitch isn’t getting the story bogged down in too many abstract and out there concepts. Instead, he’s going with a more straightforward adventure. I’d still like to see Hitch focus more on the interaction of the League instead of always having them split off, but that’s in line with the earliest days of the Justice League.

I’m cautiously getting more and more optimistic with the future of this title. For the first time since this run started I’m really looking forward to what’s in store next issue. Hopefully the creative team can keep the momentum up.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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