DC Comics reviews for 3/1/17

Superman #18

Superman #18 cover

Superman Reborn gets off to an exciting start with the creative team setting up the definitive storyline of the Rebirth era.

The mysterious jailer has lost one of his prisoners. But it’s not their absence, but their message that leaves him rattled.
Superman, meanwhile, is celebrating his wedding anniversary to Lois Lane when the Kent family gets an uninvited guest — Clark Kent.

Writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason smoothly build on the unofficial kickoff chapter in Action Comics 974. That issue sent Clark Kent spiraling and now he’s apparently taking his frustrations out on Superman’s family in a shocking cliffhanger.

It’s really unfortunate as nobody makes simple family moments as endearing as this Superman team.

Superman #18 interior art

Signifying the importance of this arc, Gleason pulls double duty as the artist. Gleason has a knack for drawing an imposing Superman, but he’s equally strong with the Kent family segments. He draws Lois and Jon with genuine and realistic expressions.

The biggest gripe with this issue? It’s just the kickoff to Superman Reborn. Fortunately we only have to wait a week for the next chapter in Action Comics 975. And still seven days is going to seem way too long.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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