Kong: Skull Island tickets giveaway

King Kong’s got nothing on this giveaway. Lyles Movie Files is proud to be giving away free passes for Kong: Skull Island so you can see it early.

Here’s the synopsis:

The producers of Godzilla reimagine the origins of one the most powerful monster myths of all in ‘Kong: Skull Island.’  This compelling, original adventure tells the story of a diverse team of scientists, soldiers and adventurers uniting to explore a mythical, uncharted island in the Pacific, as dangerous as it is beautiful.  Cut off from everything they know, the team ventures into the domain of the mighty Kong, igniting the ultimate battle between man and nature.  As their mission of discovery becomes one of survival, they must fight to escape a primal Eden in which humanity does not belong.


I’m still not sure what to make of the film, but I do like the fun of a mini Marvel Cinematic Universe dynamic here with Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson starring in it.


Here’s the screening information:

Tuesday, March 7
7:30 PM
Regal Majestic

To check it out, all you’ve got to do is click this link. Even if you have passes, seats are not guaranteed so make sure you arrive early.